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Real Estate Schools In Tampa (5 Best Classes Reviewed And Ranked)

In Tampa, real estate agents earn an average of $40,252 per year. Taking real estate classes in Tampa will get you prepared to take your licensure examination. It is important that when you choose one of the real estate schools in Tampa, that you choose one that has state approval. This will make sure that once you complete all of the course requirements that you are able to sit for your state licensure examination.

1. Real Estate Express

real estate schools in Tampa

At this real estate school in Tampa, you are able to choose from four different coursework packages. This makes it easy to get the amount of help that you need to feel comfortable taking your real estate licensure examination. They have a basic package that will give you the required hours and materials to get prepared for your examination. There are other packages that have more, such as additional examination preparation.

The real estate classes in Tampa at this school are taught by experienced instructors. You will get relevant information that not only applies to your state licensure examination, but also to your career as a real estate agent. Because of this, you are simultaneously preparing to get started in the market and making sure that you are ready for your test.

2. Tampa School of Real Estate

Tampa School of Real Estate

This real estate school in Tampa offers pre-licensing coursework in a classroom and online. If you choose the real estate classes in Tampa that are offered online, you are able to login and complete them at the times that are the most convenient for you. Because of this, you can easily work the coursework around your schedule, and you can also work through it at your own pace.

The in-class coursework is taught by an experienced instructor in a physical classroom environment. At this school, they try to keep the classes small so that you are able to get time with the instructor and your fellow students when you need it. You can choose to take your classes during the week or on weekends. Check out the calendar on the school’s website for upcoming classes.

3. MD Real Estate School

MD Real Estate School

This real estate school in Tampa allows you to complete all of your pre-licensing hours either online or in a classroom. At this school, you will simultaneously learn how to start your career in real estate while you learn everything needed to pass your licensure examination. The instructors ensure that they relate all of the material to the real world so that you can see what it is like to function as a professional real estate agent.

On the website, you can look at the calendar to see when the next in-person classes are coming. This allows you to plan and pick the start date that works for the best for you. If you choose to attend the classroom, the classes are held during the daytime hours and it takes about a week to get through the coursework.

If you prefer to attend class online, you can move at your own pace. You are also able to login into the coursework at times that are convenient for you.

4. Premier Real Estate School of Tampa

Premier Real Estate School of Tampa

This real estate school in Tampa allows you to choose between nighttime and daytime class hours. Because of this, you can work the coursework around your current schedule. On the website is a calendar that shows the upcoming class start dates for several months so that you can decide the best start time for you.

At this school, they limit the class sizes to 20 students so that you do not feel like you are lost in a big classroom. All of the curriculum is updated regularly to ensure that it reflects what you will see on the state licensure examination. You are provided with all of the study aids and materials that you need to get through the coursework and then you can use these are study guides to finish preparing for your licensure examination.

5. Sonia Galarza School of Real Estate

Sonia Galarza School of Real Estate

This real estate school in Tampa strives to provide pre-licensing coursework that is flexible so that adults of multiple learning styles are able to succeed in the course. The curriculum is current and it puts emphasis on students who might not be familiar with technology. They do utilize media and multiple forms of communication, but they want to make sure that all students have hard copies of everything that they need.

All of the instructors work to ensure that all students are engaged in the class. They make themselves available so that you can ask questions when you have them. Those who founded this school and developed the curriculum have been in real estate for over 30 years. However, they always make sure that all of the materials coursework are updated to reflect what is currently on the licensure examination.