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Real Estate Schools In Orlando (5 Best Classes To Get Enrolled)

In Orlando, real estate agents earn an average of $40,189 per year. With the right real estate classes in Orlando, you will get fully prepared so that you can take your state licensure examination. To make sure that you are eligible to take the test once you finish the course, it is important to make sure that whatever real estate schools in Orlando that you choose are approved by the state.

1. Real Estate Express

real estate schools in Orlando


If you want to pursue your pre-licensing coursework online, this real estate school in Orlando is a good option. They offer different packages so that you can essentially customize the level of education that you receive. You are able to pick a basic package that includes the essentials that you need to be eligible for your state licensure examination. However, if you want exam prep and more, you can explore their other packages.

The real estate classes in Orlando that this school offers always include the latest information on the principles and laws regarding real estate. This ensures that you have all of the knowledge that you need to pass your licensure examination. You have access to full instructor support and all of the learning materials that you need to complete the coursework.

2. Climer School of Real Estate

Climer School of Real Estate

This real estate school in Orlando allows you to take your classes in person or online. If you choose to take your coursework in a physical classroom, you can look on the school’s website to see when the next classes are coming up. There are classes in the daytime and at night, depending on which of the times work the best with your schedule.

With the classroom classes, you will need to adhere to a schedule and ensure that you are in class when it is in session. If you prefer a more self-paced option to complete your coursework, you can look into the online option. Should you choose this one, you are able to login when you want to complete all of your coursework as long as you do so within the timeframe that the school allows.

3. IFREC Real Estate Schools

IFREC Real Estate Schools

This real estate school in Orlando allows you to live stream your classes so that you can attend class at home. However, it is like being in a classroom because you are learning from a physical and active instructor. If you want the convenience of online classes with the discipline of an in-person course, this real estate school may be a good option for you.

All of the materials are updated regularly to ensure that they reflect what you need to know for your state licensure examination. This includes all of the study aids and books that the school provides as part of your tuition cost.

All of the instructors are highly experienced in the field of real estate. They make sure that the material is easy to learn so that you can progress through the coursework relatively fast and still retain all of the knowledge that you need.

4. Florida Real Estate Learning Center

Florida Real Estate Learning Center

This real estate school in Florida offers you the chance to attend a physical classroom or you can opt to learn online. Both of the options will be covering the same material so that you are fully prepared to take your state licensure examination. The school has been providing real estate education since 2001.

The instructors at this school make sure that the classes are lively so that it is easier to follow along and stay engaged with the coursework. When you are ready to get started, there is a calendar on the website that will show you all of the upcoming classes so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

This school provides the learning materials that are needed to complete the coursework. These are provided to you as part of the cost of your tuition.

5. One Blue Real Estate School

One Blue Real Estate School

This real estate school in Orlando is part of the Century21 network. They work to keep class sizes small so that it is easy to interact with your instructor and the other students in the class. All of the instructors ensure that the classes are engaging and interactive so that you are able to master the coursework easier.

At this school, you can bring electronic devices to class that can aid your learning. They also provide you with study guides and resources to make it easier to master all of the material.

You can choose from a variety of start dates and class times so that you can make the coursework fit into your existing schedule. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to attend classes on the weekends, or during the weekdays either during the day or at night.