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Real Estate Schools In Missouri (8 Great Choices)

In Missouri, real estate agents earn an average of $40,261 per year. To become an agent, you will need to find an approved real estate school to complete your pre-licensing coursework. With the right real estate classes in Missouri, you are able to learn everything needed to pass your licensure examination. There are several real estate schools in Missouri that you can choose from that deliver the material in a variety of different formats.

1. Real Estate Express

real estate schools in Missouri

If you prefer to take your real estate classes in Missouri completely online, this school is a good choice. They offer the full 48 hours of pre-licensing coursework and an additional 24 hours of practice courses to get you prepared for your licensure examination.

With all of the course packages that are offered by this school, you get three eBooks to guide your studies and instructor support from instructors that are approved by the state. Three of the four packages go beyond the basics so that you can get further prepared to take your licensure examination. For example, they offer additional exam prep and you get a guarantee that if you do not pass, you do not have to pay.

The instructors at this real estate school in Missouri have extensive experience. They ensure that the materials that are taught are updated and relevant to what you can expect when you are working in the field.

2. Real Estate School of the Ozarks

Real Estate School of the Ozarks

This real estate school in Missouri is located in Springfield. They strive to provide aspiring agents with the knowledge needed to pass their licensure examination. In addition to the needed pre-licensing coursework, they also offer test preparation to aid you in further getting prepared for your examination.

You can choose to take your real estate classes in Missouri either online or in a classroom if you pick this school. In the classroom, the instructors ensure that the coursework is interactive so that you can get a better idea about what a real estate agent does when they are working.

The online coursework is the same as the classroom, but it is just delivered differently. No matter which of these you choose, you will be prepared for taking your licensure examination. You will also have the foundational knowledge needed to begin your career in real estate.

3. 1st Choice Real Estate School

real estate schools in Missouri

This real estate school in Missouri is located in Cottleville. They offer pre-licensing coursework both online and in a physical classroom. If you choose to attend a physical classroom, you are able to work with your instructor face-to-face and ask questions in real-time. There are also chances to network with instructors and your fellow classmates.

The online option gives you some more flexibility with your schedule. You are also able to work through the coursework at your own pace. There are no classes to attend at specific times and days.

Both online and classroom coursework does come with a completion certificate once you meet all of the pre-licensing course requirements. This includes taking and passing a final examination before you are finished with the class. With both online and classroom coursework, you have 90 days to finish the work once you are registered with the school.

4. Career Education Systems

Career Education Systems

This real estate school in Missouri is located in Kansas City. They state that they have had more than 100,000 students since they opened their doors in 1980. You can choose to take the school’s pre-licensing course either online or in a physical classroom at the school’s campus.

When you pay your tuition fee, you also get all of the books and study materials needed to take and pass this course. Should you opt for the classroom course, you can look at the school’s website to see when they are offering the next round of classes. There are some courses that meet during the day and others at night.

The school not only teaches you the principles and laws that you need to know to pass your licensure examination, but also the math techniques used by real estate agents. This ensures that you are fully prepared to take and pass your licensure exam.

5. Lifetime Learning Real Estate and Appraisal School


This real estate school in Missouri is located in Springfield. They provide a pre-licensing program that has all of the hours and information that you need to sit for your licensure examination. This includes the 24-hour practice course that is required by the state.

The school offers a discount if you register for the practice course and the pre-licensing course at the same time. When you finish the course and go to take your licensure examination, if you do not pass it, the school will allow you to take the entire course again so that you can review all of the material for your second attempt. If you want to repeat the course just as a refresher, you can do so for free within 90 days of your first completion of the course.

At this school, you can attend class at night or during the day. This allows you to work your coursework around your schedule.

6. Professional School of Real Estate

Professional School of Real Estate

This school is found in West Plains, Missouri. At this school, you can choose to sit in a classroom or take your coursework online, depending on your preferences. No matter which one you choose, you have access to instructors who can answer your questions and provide guidance about the course as you complete it.

When you register for the pre-licensing course, you get access to the school’s real estate math and licensure exam preparation programs. These are geared toward helping you to prepare for the licensure examination.

Once you register for the course, you are able to switch to either the classroom or online format, if you decide that the format that you chose is not the best option for you. This is a relatively simple process and the school allows you to do it at any time as long as you pay any difference in fees.

7. Reece Nichols Training Center

Reece Nichols Training Center

This school is found in Springfield, Missouri. The pre-licensing courses offered by this school are available online and in a classroom. They list all of their classroom courses online on a calendar so that you can determine which start date works the best for you.

The school employs instructors with plenty of experience in the market so that they are always teaching you the most relevant and updated information. They make sure to teach the information in a way that is interactive so that it is easier to retain.

The school makes sure that the class sizes are small so that you can easily have time to interact with your instructor and your fellow classmates. They include things like quizzes and real-life scenarios so that you can apply the information to what real estate agents do in real life and test your knowledge of what you have learned.

8. Missouri Real Estate Academy

best real estate schools in Missouri

This school is in Linn Creek, Missouri. The school offers weekday courses for those who want to complete their pre-licensing coursework. At this school, their goal is to prepare aspiring agents for work in this field as well as to pass their pre-licensing examination.

There are two primary instructors at this school and both of them have extensive experience in the real estate market. They are able to provide a diverse education to students that is relevant to the field and what they will be doing once they are working in the market.

The school provides you with the materials that you need to do well in the class. This includes all books and supplemental materials that are necessary to get through the coursework and prepare for your pre-licensing examination.