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Real Estate Schools In Minnesota (6 Top Choices For You)

Real estate agents in Minnesota make about $43,153 annually. There are several real estate schools in Minnesota that can help you to get prepared to take your state examination. They consist of the real estate classes in Minnesota that will provide you with all of the information required to pass your state exam. Just ensure that you are only choosing schools that the state has approved of so that your pre-licensing work makes you eligible for the exam.

1. Real Estate Express

real estate schools in Minnesota

This real estate school in Minnesota offers four packages for your pre-licensing coursework. All of them include the 90 hours of real estate classes in Minnesota that the state requires. If you choose the basic package, it also comes with three eBooks and you are able to talk to instructors when you need help.

The other three packages have extra perks. For example, you get examination simulation and preparation to aid you in getting ready to sit for your licensure examination. With these packages, there is also a guarantee that you pass, or you can get your money back.

This school’s instructors are experienced in real estate to ensure that you are getting the most relevant information. The curriculum is up to date so that you have all of the knowledge that you need to pass your licensure examination.

2. Kaplan Professional Schools

Kaplan Professional Schools

If you want options for your real estate classes in Minnesota, this school is an option. They offer three ways to pursue your pre-licensing coursework, including a live classroom, OnDemand courses and online instruction. Should you want to take your course in a classroom, this school is located in St. Paul.

This school ensures that all of the curriculum is updated regularly so that it always reflects the information that will be on the licensure examination. With the experienced instructors employed by this school, you are able to learn the information and retain it so that it is always there when you are working in the industry.

When you sign up for your course, you are given everything that you need to work on it. This includes all of the books and supplemental materials that are necessary to learn the coursework.

3. Minnesota Realty School

Minnesota Realty School

This real estate school in Minnesota is located in Roseville. You can take your coursework in the classroom or you can opt to complete it online. When you take classes at this school, you are provided with a tutor free of charge if you need it.

Those who take the coursework on campus have access to free refreshments on their class days, as well as free writing utensils. Once you start the course, you have a year to finish it and the final examination. The school does allow you to retake as many parts of the course as you need to ensure that you can pass the examination during this one-year period.

Both online and classroom options have the same curriculum. Just like in class, if you take this course online, you have to take a proctored final examination to fully complete it.

If you choose to attend in person, you get a chance to go on a field trip. This consists of going to an actual property to learn more about how a real estate agent works in the real world.

4. Continuing Ed Express

best real estate schools in Minnesota

This real estate school in Minnesota is located in Minneapolis. The school only employs instructors with decades of experience in the industry. Because of this, they are able to relate the material to what it is like working as a real estate agent.

The instructors are local, so they know what the local laws and regulations are that you need to know to work and pass your licensure examination. When the instructors are teaching, they get right down to what you need to know and never add filler information to the courses.

You are able to start the course at a time that is convenient for you. Your schedule can be worked around to ensure that you have plenty of time to finish the course and get through all of the important information. When you take your pre-licensing coursework at this school, they offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

5. Shenehen Center for Real Estate

Shenehen Center for Real Estate

This real estate school in Minnesota is located in Minneapolis. They offer complete package courses to prepare you for your licensure examination. The school is an actual university, ensuring that it is fully accredited and approved by the state.

The instructors who teach the state-specific information are from Minnesota. Because of this, they understand the different laws and information that you will run into when you are working as a real estate agent. This also ensures the most current information so that you can pass your licensure examination.

Since this is a university, you can also choose to get a bachelor’s degree in real estate studies if you want to get more in-depth knowledge to help you to succeed in the market. They also offer graduate certificates in this field so that you can pursue additional education after becoming a licensed real estate agent.

6. Jeanne Johnson and Associates LLC

Jeanne Johnson and Associates LLC

This real estate school in Minnesota is in Minneapolis. The instructors at this school take a hands-on, practical approach to teach the coursework so that it is easy to understand and retain. At this school, the pre-licensing course satisfies all of the state requirements so that you can sit for your state examination.

This school employs instructors that are current on what is happening in the market. They ensure that you have all of the tools that you need to work as an agent and pass your licensure examination.

You will get all of the materials needed to succeed in the class. Because of this, you do not have to worry about buying books in addition to the cost of tuition. Everything is updated regularly to ensure that the information that you are learning reflects the current market.