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Real Estate Schools In Iowa (3 Of The Best)

In Iowa, the average real estate agent earns $40,369 per year. Real estate classes in Iowa will help to prepare you to work in this field. There are different real estate schools in Iowa that you can choose from to complete your courses. It is important that you pick a school that is in line with your own goals and objectives. They should also be approved by the state so that once you finish all of your pre-licensing coursework, you are able to sit for the state examination.

1. Real Estate Express

real estate schools in Iowa

This real estate school in Iowa offers four packages for pre-licensing coursework. They all include the 60 hours that the state requires, three eBooks that will supplement your learning and instructor support that is approved by the state.

If you choose one of the packages with extras, you can expect things like a money back guarantee, examination preparation and a dictionary to help you to master the common terms used in this industry. This school’s real estate classes in Iowa are designed for those who do not have any experience in the market. Because of this, they start with the basics and build so that you can learn everything needed to pass your licensure test.

All of the instructors have extensive experience in the market. This helps to ensure that you are learning the most relevant information. It will also make it easier to apply this information to the market once you are working.

2. Iowa Association of Realtors

Iowa Association of Realtors

This is not a strict real estate school in Iowa, but they do offer education, including the necessary pre-licensing coursework. You can take the full 60 hours of pre-licensing education that the state requires. There is an option for a weekday class and a weekend class at this school.

When you are on the website and looking at the classes, you can also choose your instructor. This gives you some control over who is delivering the pre-licensing coursework information to you. Here you can also decide which location you want to attend. There are over a dozen campus locations throughout the state of Iowa for this school. The school’s main campus is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

After performing your search, you are presented with start dates and other important information about the classes. This makes it easy to find the right start date so that you are able to attend the classes without interruption.

3. QC School of Real Estate


This real estate school in Iowa is located in Davenport. The school develops its curriculum based on its desire to aid students in starting their career, as well as being able to pass the state licensure examination. Because of this, they also help students to work on their personal and professional development while getting through the pre-licensing coursework.

As you work through this school’s real estate classes in Iowa, you will learn about multiple real estate subjects, including relevant laws, basic principles and even the math that real estate agents use on a regular basis.

You have the option to complete your coursework in a traditional classroom environment that is led by an instructor. The school also offers an online course if you prefer a more self-paced method. Both of these give you the 60 hours that you need to be able to sit for your state licensure examination. If you choose the online course, you must finish the coursework within six months of registering.

There is a schedule on the website where you can see the classes that are coming up. This allows you to choose the start date that best meets your needs.