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Real Estate Schools In Houston Texas (Don’t Decide Until You Read)

Houston real estate agents earn an average of $43,303 per year. If you want to work in this industry, you have to take real estate classes in Houston that account for your pre-licensing coursework. To make sure that you are eligible to sit for your licensure examination after you complete the coursework, you must choose one of the approved real estate schools in Houston to do your coursework.

1. Real Estate Express

real estates schools in Houston

The real estate classes in Houston that are offered by this real estate school are completed solely online. You are able to work at your own pace so that you never have to rush through the coursework. This also makes it possible to put more focus on the topics that you need a little extra time with. Take all of your classes at home so that you do not have to stick with a strict course schedule.

At this real estate school in Houston, you have different package options that you can choose from. You can pick packages that contain extras, such as exam preparation and a pass or do not pay guarantee. If your goal is simply to complete the pre-licensing coursework hours and get prepared to take your examination, this school offers a basic package that allows you to accomplish this.

2. Champions School of Real Estate

Champions School of Real Estate

This real estate school in Houston gives you the option to take your classes either online or in a traditional classroom. Both of these options for real estate classes in Houston are designed to prepare you to take your licensure examination. They cover the same material and are updated often to reflect any changes that are done so that you are always learning the most current information.

At this school, the instructors have a lot of experience working in real estate. They are able to help you understand how the fundamentals relate to what you will see once you are working as a real estate agent. All of the course materials are also updated often so that you can use them to guide you through the coursework and as study guides when you are cramming for your licensure examination.

3. School Estate

School Estate

This real estate school in Houston allows you to fully complete your pre-licensing coursework from home using the internet. They say that you can work through all of the material in three weeks if you want to make the process go as quickly as possible. However, you can take longer as you are allowed to get through everything at your own pace.

At this school, you are provided with everything you need via a student portal on the website. All of the materials are learning aids which are in a central location so that you can easily keep everything organized. Once you finish the pre-licensing program, you will have met all of the hour requirements that Texas has so that you are eligible to sit for your licensure examination.

4. Lloyd Hampton Real Estate Education

This real estate school in Houston allows you to learn what you need in a traditional classroom. You can check out the website for the school to get a calendar of all of the classes that are coming up. Use this as your guide to choose the classes and start date that are going to best accommodate your current schedule.

All of the materials that are used by this school are updated often to ensure that they are relevant and accurate. This includes the curriculum. Once you finish all of the coursework, you will have all of the knowledge that you need to be able to sit for your licensure examination. The school thoroughly covers all of the laws and principles that you are expected to know when you are working as a real estate agent.