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Real Estate Schools In Georgia (10 Best Classes And Courses)

Georgia real estate agents earn an average of $40,812 per year. Prior to getting into this field, you will need to take the appropriate real estate classes in Georgia to gain the knowledge needed to pass your state examination. It is important when looking at real estate schools in Georgia that you choose one that is approved by the state. This will ensure that you get the proper education and that you will be able to sit for your licensure examination upon successful completion.

1. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express Georgia

This real estate school in Georgia provides you with all of the education you need to take your licensure examination. All four packages include the 75 hours that Georgia requires for pre-licensing coursework. Three of the packages have a guarantee where you either pass or you do not pay.

All courses come with three eBooks that supplement that material that you learn in your courses. Three of them have some additional licensure examination training so that you can further prepare to take your test once you complete the course.

The real estate classes in Georgia offered by this school are all online. This allows you to learn the material at home so that you do not have to make changes to your current schedule. You can use your own pace to make your way through the coursework so that you can spend more time on the subjects that you require further review on.

2. Georgia Academy of Real Estate

real estate schools in Georgia

This real estate school in Georgia is located in Augusta, Georgia. The school focuses on providing pre-licensing education for people of all ages. It includes all 75 hours that are required by the state.

The school offers night real estate classes in Georgia that are conducted at night, making them an option for those who are busy working during the day. However, throughout the year, there are some daytime sessions that are made available for those unavailable at night.

The courses are conducted over 2.5 months. This gives students time to really delve into the material and have plenty of time to work on mastering it. All of the instructors at the school are experienced in this industry. They provide updated and relevant information regarding what you will see on your pre-licensing examination and what to expect once you are working in this industry.

3. Real Estate Training Institute

Real Estate Training Institute

This real estate school in Georgia is located in the city of Buford. The cost of the tuition includes everything that you need to complete all of the coursework, including textbooks and other supplemental learning materials.

The primary goal of this course is to give you everything you need to be successful once you take your state licensure examination. It includes everything from the laws that govern the market to the math that you need to know to work in this field.

The instructors take a practical approach to teaching that helps you to learn the core topics and how to apply them when you are working as a real estate agent. They strive to keep the class involved and engaged so that you are more open to retaining the information.

You can choose to take the course in a classroom if you prefer. They also offer online classes if you rather study at your own pace and not have to adhere to a classroom schedule.

4. America’s Real Estate Academy, Inc.

americas re academy

This real estate school in Georgia is in Woodstock. Their pre-licensing course provides you with the 75 hours that you need to sit for your licensure examination. As part of the package, you also receive a self-study course that you can use to help while you are completing your coursework.

The coursework is focused on everything from real estate’s basic principles to learning more about contracts and the financial principles associated with the real estate market. There are three course packages that you can choose from. One is basic and gets you ready to take your licensure examination. The other two include bonus materials to aid you in getting ready to take your state licensure examination.

Once you finish all of the needed coursework, you will have to take a final examination. To fully pass the course, you must get at least a 75 percent on this examination.

5. Real Estate Resources Academy

real estate schools in georgia

If you are looking for a real estate school in Georgia in Suwanee, this school is an option. Choose between a live online class or completing the coursework in a classroom environment. The course covers all of the basic real estate information and principles that you need to know to take your licensure exam.

Once you get through all of the course materials, you will sit for a final examination where you must get at least 72 percent to successfully finish the course. Throughout the course, you are taught by an instructor with experience in the real estate market. They focus on ensuring that you have the practical and technical training experience needed to operate in real estate, as well as pass your test.

Instructors include quizzes and interactive activities to aid students in staying engaged throughout the coursework. Once you pay your tuition fee, you will receive all of the materials that you need for the course, including any needed books that you will need to refer to when learning the material and working through your coursework.

6. Donald Free School of Real Estate

Donald Free School

This school is located in Warner Robins, Georgia. They utilize updated course materials and information to make sure that you are learning everything needed to succeed as a real estate agent and pass your licensure examination.

The coursework includes information on the principles and laws that you need to know to work as a real estate agent. In order to be eligible to sit for the final examination, you must attend all classes. There is an opportunity to make up a class if you must miss one.

The final examination requires a score of at least 75 percent to pass the course successfully. You will attend 84 hours of instruction, so it provides more hours than you need to satisfy the pre-licensing hour requirements set by the state of Georgia.

When you take the final examination, should you not pass, you are given a second chance to pass it. If you do not pass, you will have to retake the full course before you are able to sit for the final examination again.

7. Success Real Estate School Atlanta

Success School Atlanta

This school is located in Woodstock, Georgia. They offer their pre-licensing coursework in different formats. You can opt to take your classes in a formal classroom if this is what you prefer. However, you can also choose to complete the needed coursework online should you want to set your pace and not have to come to class at specific times.

If you choose the classroom, there are daytime and nighttime hours, allowing you to work the classes around your schedule. You can also opt to attend classes on Saturdays if weekends are a better option for you.

New classes start fairly regularly, and you can look at the calendar of upcoming classes on the school’s website. This allows you to determine which start date is best for your schedule.

The instructors know the market and are able to provide you with instruction that includes all of the updated information. This is important for passing your licensure examination and working in the field.

8. Academy for Real Estate Education and Counseling


This school is located in Savannah, Georgia. The school takes a professional approach to training aspiring real estate agents. They provide both online and classroom instruction so that students can choose the best learning format for themselves. At this school, the focus is not only on helping you to pass your state examination, but also to ensure that you have the proper professional development to start your career.

The online and classroom pre-licensing courses focus on the same information, so the only difference is the format. When you choose the online format, you are engaging in self-study and you are able to work at your own pace. With the classroom option, you will need to stick to the schedule to ensure that you are in class whenever it is conducted so that you complete the full 75 hours of pre-licensing coursework.

The school’s website has a calendar that you can look at to see the upcoming classroom schedule. Here you can choose the best start date, depending on your schedule.

9. Metro Brokers Academy of Real Estate

metro brokers

This school is in Duluth, Georgia. There are additional locations in Blue Ridge, Blairsville, Villa Rica, Atlanta, Marietta, Douglasville, Cumming, East Ellijay, Buford, Johns Creek, Sautee and several other cities throughout the state. Because of this, you can choose the campus that is most conveniently located near you.

This school offers a variety of course times so that you can choose the one that works the best for you. There are daytime and evening classes, depending on the campus that you choose. Some campuses even offer an accelerated course for your pre-licensing hours.

No matter which time slot you choose, there is a final examination that you must pass to complete the coursework. Once you do this, you will be able to sit for the state licensure examination.

At this school, you can add a cram course onto your package. This will give you additional education and study materials to aid you in passing your state licensure examination.

10. Shavon School of Real Estate

shavon school

This school is in Athens, Georgia. They give you the option to complete your pre-licensing coursework online or you can attend a traditional classroom. There are a variety of start dates listed on the school’s website so that you can choose which one works the best for you.

Both courses include 75 hours of pre-licensing education. This ensures that once you complete the class and pass the final examination that you are able to sit for the state licensure test.

The instructor for the course has been working in the real estate market since 2004. Her experience in marketing and sales spans more than 25 years. She remains current in the market so that she can provide the latest information for students.

In addition to teaching, she provides mentoring for those who are starting out as real estate agents. Because of this, she knows what new agents face once they get their license and start working in the industry.