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Real Estate Schools in Florida (The 11 Classes We Love)

Real estate agents who are working in Florida earn an average annual salary of $40,074. In this state, there are certain training requirements that you need to sit for the licensure examination that you have to pass to start working. There are real estate classes in Florida that will help you to get prepared for this examination and for working in this industry. It is important to explore several real estate schools in Florida to ensure that you make the right choice.

1. Real Estate Express

real estate schools in Florida

If you are looking for online real estate classes in Florida, this school offers you four package options. All of them offer the 63 hours that you need to meet the state’s expectations. You get all of the needed textbooks with each of the packages.

If you have some experience in this industry, the basic package may be enough for you to build on your knowledge enough to pass your test. However, if you also want to have some extra examination preparation, you can choose one of the other three packages since they also include this.

This real estate school in Florida offers everything online so that you can access the course material at times that are convenient for you. You never have to worry about trying to fit a class schedule into your current responsibilities. Because of this, it is ideal for busy adults and those who have kids but are unable to get childcare regularly. Login at any time of the day to work on your course.

2. Tampa School of Real Estate

Tampa School of Real Estate

If you are looking for real estate classes in Florida in the Tampa area, this school is an option. You can opt to work on your pre-licensing coursework in a traditional classroom or online with this school. With the online course, you are able to login to the virtual classroom at any time of the day. Should you opt for the classroom, there are morning and evening class schedules that you can choose from.

No matter which of the options you choose at this real estate school in Florida, you are getting the same material, so both of them will prepare you to take your licensure examination. This school offers a retake guarantee if you take your licensure examination and do not pass. You have this guarantee for one year. They also offer a full year of instructor support so that you can ask questions and get assistance when you prepare for your examination even after you complete the course.

3. Climer School of Real Estate


This real estate school in Florida is located in Orlando. They have different campuses in the area so that you can choose the one that is located closest to you. There are online and in-person classes to choose from at this school. All of their pre-licensing courses provide you with the 63 hours of pre-licensing coursework required by Florida.

On the school’s website there is a list of the upcoming classes and the dates and times that they are offered. This allows you to determine which of them will fit into your current schedule.

This school has been providing real estate education since 1984. Their primary focus is preparing people to pass the state licensure examination so that they can become real estate agents. The school focuses on making sure that their classes are interactive so that students remain engaged.

All of the instructors are experienced real estate agents. They teach the classes in a way that allows you to learn how to apply your new knowledge to working in the market, as well as passing your licensure examination.

4. IFREC Real Estate Schools


The classroom location for this real estate school in Florida is located in Kissimmee. They also have a campus in Orlando where you can take classes. This school has been offering classes for real estate since 1983.

They offer full pre-licensing courses for those who are trying to obtain their real estate licensure. You can also take their examination preparation course on the weekends to get a little extra studying before you sit for your licensure examination.

The faculty at this school has more than 200 years of combined experience with the real estate market. They continue to work in the field so that they know about changes as they occur. This helps to ensure that you are getting the most updated information to use for your examination as well as when you are working in the industry.

For your pre-licensing education, you can choose between live streaming online or attending the course in a traditional classroom. Both of these cover the same information so that you will be prepared for the examination no matter which of these options you choose. They also have the same course books and materials.

5. The Real Estate School, Inc

the school

This school is based in Tallahassee, Florida. You can take your pre-licensing course in a classroom or choose to take it online. These courses include the learning aids that you need to complete all of the needed coursework.

In addition to providing you with the required pre-licensing hours, you can use the school’s website to find additional resources to prepare for and schedule your examination. There is access to a candidate handbook and a practice test that consists of 100 questions that are modeled after those that you will see on the examination.

If you choose to complete your course in a classroom, you can pick between evening or daytime classes, depending on your schedule. There is a calendar on the school’s website that lists the upcoming class dates so that you can make plans accordingly.

The instructors at this school have over two decades of experience each. This ensures that they know the industry and can provide you with the most relevant information to succeed in real estate and pass your licensure examination. They use an approach that breaks down the more complex subjects so that all of the information is easier to digest.

6. PERT Consulting Florida Real Estate School

PERT Consulting Florida Real Estate School

This school is located in Ormond Beach, Florida. Whether you prefer a classroom environment for learning, or you want to complete your coursework online, this school has options. Both options provide you with the required pre-licensing coursework hours so that you are able to sit for your licensure examination after you complete the course.

This school puts emphasis on connecting students with their instructors. They offer three options for current students to talk to their instructors to ask questions and get assistance with the coursework.

There is a classroom calendar online that you can use to see what the upcoming course schedule is. Here you can choose the schedule that best meets your needs so that you can complete the course without interruptions.

For the pre-licensing coursework, the courses are in the evenings during the week. Once you complete the course, you are expected to pass a final examination to earn your certificate of completion.

7. Cameron Academy of Real Estate

Cameron Academy

If you are hoping to take your pre-licensing coursework in Orlando, this school is an option for you. The pre-licensing course provides the 63 hours of coursework that you need. You can take it online or attend class in a traditional classroom.

These courses provide you with the essential information that you need to pass your licensure examination. They are complete with textbooks and important course materials. The design of the courses is for people who do not have experience in the real estate industry.

The course offered by this school includes a variety of interactive activities, such as practice examinations and quizzes. These work to solidify your understanding of the concepts that you learn when you are working through the coursework material. All of the coursework and learning materials are updated each year to ensure that they reflect the latest information and any changes that have been made to the market.

There are three certified instructors at this school. They take a practical approach to ensure that you are able to take what you learn and apply it to the real estate market.

8. Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate

Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate

Sarasota, Florida is where this school is located. There are additional locations in Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte and Tampa. The curriculum that this school uses was developed by industry experts. It is updated regularly to ensure that students are learning the latest information when it comes to real estate.

The focus of the pre-licensing coursework is to ensure that you are able to pass your licensure examination. It is taught using an approach that is relevant to the current market. When you are in the classroom, the instructors are experienced real estate professionals that know what it is like to work in this industry. They ensure that everything remains interactive and engaging so that it is easier to learn all of the necessary material.

You will receive everything that you need to master the information. This includes textbooks and other supplemental learning aids.

This school also offers an online option for their pre-licensing course. It includes all of the same information and the required 63 hours that the classroom coursework provides.

9. Florida School of Real Estate

Florida School of Real Estate

You can find this school in Jacksonville, Florida. If you want to learn in the classroom, they have an instructor-led option that meets during the daytime hours. Should you prefer a self-paced option where you can complete the coursework from home, this school does have an online pre-licensing class.

Both the online and classroom options provide you with the 63 hours of coursework required by the state of Florida. This school is focused on preparing students to be able to pass their licensure examination. They use an engaging approach to learning that gets you involved with the subject matter so that it is easier to learn and retain.

There is a class schedule online so that you can see when the upcoming pre-licensing course will be offered. If you opt for the physical classroom environment, you will take your classes during the daytime hours. Once you complete all of the required hours, you are administered a final examination that requires a score of 70 percent to successfully pass.

10. Real Estate Academy of Orlando

Academy of Orlando

This Orlando-based school is focused on helping students to either find their first career or a new career, depending on where you are in your life. In addition to teaching the required materials to become a real estate agent in Florida, they also put a focus on personal development so that it is easier to get what you want out of your career.

Their courses are online and in-person, depending on the learning environment that you prefer. With the online course, you are able to take up to one year to complete it once you register for the class. The course covers all of the essential information that you need to pass your licensure examination.

Each course comes with activities that are interactive so that you can apply what you learned to real-world scenarios. You can also expect quizzes at the end of each unit that help you test your knowledge and see if you need to go back and review any of the material before moving forward.

11. First Coast School of Real Estate

first coast school

This school is located in Jacksonville, Florida. They consider their courses a life experience instead of just a way to learn what you need to pass the state licensure examination. Their pre-licensing courses cover the 63 hours needed to be eligible to take your state licensure examination. These are evening classes that meet Monday through Thursday.

You can choose to be in a traditional classroom to take your pre-licensing course, or you can complete it online. The material that you learn is the same no matter which of the learning environments you choose. They both cover the 63 required hours of pre-licensing coursework.

This school’s instructors are experienced real estate agents and brokers who are still active in the industry. They are able to provide you with the latest information. In addition to their real estate experience, they have additional related education that makes it possible to fully explore all of the topics that you need to know for your licensure examination.