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Best Real Estate Schools In Dallas Texas (Top 5 Reviewed)

In Dallas, real estate agents earn an average of $41,839 a year. Choosing one of the right real estate schools in Dallas will ensure that you are fully prepared to take your licensure examination. Your real estate classes in Dallas Texas need to cover the full hours that are required by the state. This will ensure that you are able to sit for your licensure examination once you complete all of the coursework.

1. Real Estate Express

real estate classes in Dallas online

For real estate classes in Dallas Texas that are online, you should consider this real estate school. All of the coursework can be completed from your home so that you do not have to worry about any classroom schedules. As long as you complete the coursework in the allotted time frame, you are able to login at your convenience to work your way through the materials.

At this real estate school in Dallas, you can choose between four education packages. This ensures that you are able to essentially customize your education to exactly what you need to be prepared for your licensure examination. All of the packages come with everything that you need to get through the coursework, including all of the needed textbooks and other learning aids materials.

2. School Estate

School Estate

This real estate school in Dallas is focused on providing an online education for people who want to complete their pre-licensing coursework at their own pace. You can work through the material at the pace that is the most comfortable for you. If you move very quickly, it may only take about three weeks to successfully complete everything.

At this school, you can choose to work through the coursework one class at a time, or you can choose a package that contains all of the courses that you need. Some of the packages contain extras, such as outlines for examinations and an app where you can access flashcards to make studying even easier and more convenient for you. All of the principles and laws that are important to know as a real estate agent are covered in the coursework.

3. Champions School of Real Estate

Champions School of Real Estate

If you want the choice to take your real estate classes in Dallas either online or in person, this school is an option. Both of these choices at this real estate school in Dallas are designed to get you ready to take your licensure examination.

At the Dallas campus, this school works to keep class sizes as small as possible so that it is easier to learn and get time with your instructor if you need it. You can look on the website to see when new in-class sessions are taking place so that you can adequately prepare to have time to attend all of the classes.

This school always uses the latest curriculum so that you are learning everything needed to pass your licensure examination. The instructors work to deliver the information in a way that is easy for you to understand and retain, making it easier to gain the knowledge the licensure exam requires you to have.

4. Lumbleau Real Estate School

Lumbleau Real Estate School

This real estate school in Dallas got started in 1938. They use a curriculum that is examined regularly to make sure that any new information is added quickly so that you can learn it to take your licensure examination. When you sign up to take the coursework, you are given all of the materials that you need so that you can guide yourself through the coursework.

All of the hours that Texas requires are covered with this school’s pre-licensing coursework. The design of the course focuses on adult learners and it keeps several different learning styles in mind. Because of this, it is easier to learn everything needed for your licensure examination. It also makes it possible for you to understand how what you learn relates to the real world of the real estate market.

5. Legends Real Estate School

Legends Real Estate School

This real estate school in Dallas began in 1991 and it was founded by Nanci Hawes, a famous real estate professional in the general area. You can choose to complete your pre-licensing coursework in a physical classroom, online or via correspondence, depending on your preferences.

In the classroom, you are taught by instructors who know what it is like to work in the real estate market. You can head over to the school’s website and get a full calendar that shows the classes that are coming up so that you can choose one that best works with your current schedule.

If you choose the correspondence or online coursework, you are able to complete all of the work at home according to your schedule. There is no need to attend class at any specific times. These options also allow you to work at your own pace to get through the coursework.