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Real Estate Express Review From A Former Student (Updated For 2022)

Hello, my name is Scott and I am a former Real Estate Express student. I decided to write a Real Estate Express review to help other aspiring students who are considering taking real estate classes at this school. I am adding some screenshots throughout my review and a variety of my own opinions to tell you what I liked about the school and what I did not like. It was in Michigan that I personally completed this course. However, the course is very similar no matter which state you attend the school from.

It was in May 2020 when I last updated this Real Estate Express review. I signed up for the course at Real Estate Express in 2019. In May of 2020 I looked at the course again and it looks like most of the curriculum and website are still the same from the approximate time that I took the Real Estate Express Course.

To put it simply, I definitely recommend Real Estate Express to other people who want to get an education to get into real estate. Overall, my experience at the school was very positive and I enjoyed the learning environment. However, I will provide a much more detailed Real Estate Express review here so that you can get far more detailed information about my experience and the course.

Why I Chose Real Estate Express

Before I signed up with Real Estate Express, I did my research. Because of this, I already had a good idea of what to expect when I got started with the course. Unfortunately, a lot of real estate schools that give you curriculum for your real estate license do not get many good reviews, no matter which one you decide to pursue your education with. This is because the content for the course can be a bit dry and mundane and not because of a high failure rate. In fact, in the majority of states, these schools often have an average of 65 to 70 percent for a pass rate. However, many students who do not pass, often do not take any personal responsibility in the matter. Instead of just studying more and taking the licensure examination again, they blame the school instead. However, these schools are not generally as bad as the course reviews make them appear, but the content can be mundane and tedious, so it is important to acknowledge this before you get started.

Anyway, I finally chose to pursue my real estate education at Real Estate Express for numerous reasons, including:

State Availability:

My first task was to find training programs for real estate that were available in my state of Michigan. It is important that you double check this because most of these programs will tell you clearly what states they are approved for. Always make 100 percent sure that the curriculum that the school is providing is recognized by your state and that everything is approved by your state. Real Estate Express is approved in Michigan and 33 other states throughout the US. The Real Estate Express course offers more state training than any other online real estate course.


I was definitely willing to invest in my future, but I also wanted to ensure that I was paying a fair price for my education. Real Estate Express makes sure that their prices are competitive so that you are not paying significantly more than you need to. While they are not the least expensive place to pursue your real estate education, you are getting a quality education that meets all of the requirements in the states that they are approved in.

Average Exam Pass Rate:

When I was evaluating schools, this was the primary thing that I looked into. In the end, if the pass rate is not high enough, nothing else really matters. My goal was to get my education and pass my licensure examination. Among students who successfully complete the Real Estate Express program, their pass rate is 78 percent. Because of this statistic, Real Estate Express is one of the most successful schools that offer real estate courses online. The pass rate at Real Estate Express was one of the biggest deciding factors regarding why I chose to pursue my education at this school.

Help from Instructors:

I have not always been a student who got the best grades when I was in school before. Even when I earned my degree, I was overall, a subpar student and tended to be considered average by myself and my teachers. To get through all of my classes, it was important that I was able to get extra help when I needed it. At Real Estate Express, you are able to reach out to an instructor and get help within 24 hours so that you are not waiting to get a response or assistance. I signed up for the Ultimate Learning Package. This package had live Q&A sessions where you could further interact with the instructors and get additional assistance. While this package did cost me slightly more, it was well worth the extra money that I paid. There are also student forums that you get access to and the instructors monitor these regularly so that you are able to ask questions and get answers in a timely manner.

Supplemental Training:

Another element of Real Estate Express that I really liked was the option to get more training already included in the course. Later in this review I will go into further detail about what this school has to offer regarding how above and beyond Real Estate Express goes in providing more than just the state requirements. My ability to pass my licensure examination was largely due to the supplemental material that Real Estate Express offered as part of my course.

Multiple Device Capabilities:

When it comes to online real estate schools and training programs, it is often assumed that you are only able to access the content from your laptop or desktop computer. However, the Real Estate Express program is available on multiple mobile devices. Many online schools only allow you to access your coursework on a computer, so the Real Estate Express program is more convenient than many other program options out there. While the school does not offer a dedicated app to access your online course, it is easy to get on the website using your mobile device or your current computer.

Pass Guarantee:

I wanted to make sure that Real Estate Express offered me a guarantee that I would pass my licensure examination before I took the course. If a school offers a high-quality course, they should have no problem standing behind the curriculum that they offer. The good news is that Real Estate Express does offer a guarantee that you will pass. In fact, all of their packages except the “The Basics” package offer this pass guarantee.

I looked into several other online real estate schools, including Career Web School and Kaplan. I was not very happy with Career Web School, but I did consider signing up to take my real estate courses at Kaplan. However, when I compared schools, I decided to go with Real Estate Express because of the better pass rate at this school.

The Secrets that You Need to Know About Training Programs that Are Offered Online

Before I continue on with my detailed review of Real Estate Express, I feel like I need to let you in on some secrets that everyone needs to know about real estate schools that are online. Quality is the biggest secret that you need to know about. Overall, most online programs for real estate are relatively low in quality.

The biggest problem with these programs is that a lot of the online courses are pretty outdated. They do not work well with mobile devices or you are forced to deal with a lot of plain text. In some cases, even the curriculum that you study is outdated which can negatively impact your ability to pass your licensure examination. Another issue with a lot of programs is that their websites are outdated, resulting in issues like non-working buttons and glitches.

The format used by many programs is also very tedious. It can already be tiring enough to have to learn about things like finances, taxes and laws. You will do this for all of the hours that your state requires for your prelicensure course.

You would think that in today’s world, there would be a lot of interactive material to keep you engaged in the coursework. However, many online programs do not offer this either.

Some people do like text-based courses. In fact, this is my preference because I do not want to watch videos for hours on end. However, some people may need to have different types of course content to make it easier to get into when they’re studying. Real Estate Express also uses mostly text-based content, so make sure that you are ready for this.

Real Estate Express Packages in 2022

Real Estate Express review pricing

It is important to note that the prices of the programs will change with time. Real Estate Express tends to be relatively straightforward regarding the cost of the program. You can look at the page that lists the prices and packages to get this information. Since I am in Michigan, I am including the process for my state.

The current price range is $179 to $394 for the state of Michigan. However, always check the website since the prices can change at any time. Another pricing element of Real Estate Express is that you have the option to do an installment plan or get tuition assistance. If you happen to be on a budget, this school offers options that may be beneficial for you.

Which Package Offered by Real Estate Express is the Best?

While any of the plans will prepare you to take your licensure examination and meet the hour requirements, if you need additional examination preparation, you should look into the more advanced programs that are offered by Real Estate Express. I personally recommend the Exam Preparation Plus since you get more interaction with expert instructors at 40 hours of live Q&A sessions. It is common to need help as you go throughout your program and you will have access to instructors so that you can easily get all of your questions answered. This school also gives you eBooks to study from, so if you are someone who prefers a physical textbook to work from, you should keep this in mind.

The Sign Up Process for Real Estate Express

Signing up

Signing up for Real Estate Express only takes a couple of minutes to complete. You do not have to worry about any papers to sign or extensive forms. All the school requires is that you input your basic information, agree to the conditions that are set forth by the school and pay the associated fees to complete the process. I expected it to be far more difficult than it was. Just make sure that you have a credit or debit card handy since this is the only form of payment that they accept.

I received an email from Real Estate Express the day after I finished the sign up process. It came from the instructor that was assigned to me. He offered me a wealth of information about contacting him, how he can help, etc. I was also able to login to the course immediately and get started with the materials.

What is the Real Estate Express Course Content Like?

course content

The course at Real Estate Express gets down to business from day one. Because of this, you are getting right into the information that you need to know. You have to complete one section before you are able to move onto the next one.

The curriculum is delivered on short pages in text blocks that are easy to read and digest. The website has a timer on it so that you can see how long it is taking you to get through different sections. You are also warned if you are idle for too long. Once you finish each of the sections, you will have to take a quiz consisting of 10 questions. You must get at least 80 percent to know that you have successfully finished the quiz.


The majority of the course requires you to memorize the material. This is because you just have to know this information to work as a real estate agent and to pass your licensing test. You will need to memorize the laws and principles so that you can use them when you are working in the field.

While I did not make the following Real Estate Express video, it shows you what you can expect once you sign up and you are taking the course. Once you get to about two minutes into the video, you get an in-depth look at what to expect when you are in the course and working through the material.

Facts About the Live Instructor Q&A and Real Estate Express

One of the things that really puts Real Estate Express above other online real estate programs is the live instructor Q&A. You can attend the sessions weekly and they are part of the advanced packages that are available.

While this is a great feature, there are a few issues that you should know about. You will need to make yourself available at the same time on the same days weekly. Should your schedule be difficult, you may not be able to take advantage of the live session. Real Estate Express does not record these, so if you are unable to attend, you will miss the entire session. Another thing is that these are not meant to teach anything, but only for students to ask questions that they are seeking answers for.

The Forum for Students is Helpful but Also Quiet

Forum for Students

You can check out the forums for students offered by Real Estate Express to interact with students and even get your questions answered by instructors. However, it is not a very active forum. The instructors do tend to answer questions pretty fast though, so it is good to remember it exists and check in from time to time.

Real Estate Express Supplemental Learning Material

Real Estate Express supplemental

Real Estate Express offers quite a bit of supplemental learning materials that you have access to without having to pay any additional fees. One example is a guide called Fearless Math. If math is not your strong suit, this supplemental guide can be very helpful in aiding you to master the math that real estate agents need to know. You can also find some additional eBooks in the supplemental area that are helpful for giving you additional information.

Who Can Benefit Most from Real Estate Express?

Real Estate Express is ideal for those who are able to study and learn independently. While there is an instructor available to help, you will need to mostly rely on yourself to get through all of the course material. The material is relatively dry, so it can be a little hard to get through some of it, but this is normal for all types of real estate learning. If you have a tight schedule and want to take a course that can help you to pass your licensure examination, Real Estate Express is an excellent option.

Real Estate Express Final Thoughts

While some things in this review for Real Estate Express may seem a bit negative, I am very glad that I attended this school to get my real estate education. For me personally, it would have been a nightmare to attend a physical classroom. Also, to be fair, the few issues I had are things you would surely experience at any online real estate school.

I did not sign up for this program expecting it to be exciting and fun and it was not. However, I did learn everything that I needed to pass my licensure examination. The technology that the school uses also makes it relatively easy to work through all of the coursework. I can say with confidence that I recommend this school to anyone based on my experience.