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Best Online Texas Real Estate License Training Courses In 2022

To be eligible to take your licensure examination for real estate in Texas, you have to go through a lot of prelicensure coursework. I was never told that pursuing my real estate education would be an easy feat, so I will not claim this to be true for you either. If you have decided to attend a Texas real estate school online, it is very important that you choose the best one possible. Most of the best online Texas real estate license training courses have a lot in common, but it is important to be looking out for the differences in them to ensure that you can properly compare them.

Unfortunately, most of the online real estate schools in Texas have curriculum that needs to be updated. Many of them are not even operable when you are using a mobile device. I am providing a list of the online real estate schools in Texas that I believe are the best ones. Make sure that you are looking at the student pass rates to determine the overall quality of a Texas real estate course. While I do consider a variety of factors, this is the one that I give the most wait.

Best Online Texas Real Estate License Training Courses

There are many online real estate schools in Texas. The ones that I am providing reviews for are approved by the state and you can take all of the coursework online. I am only going to cover seven in this post since there are so many it is not possible to provide a review for all of the schools. Personally, I narrowed down the list to those that I believe are the best. With the ones that I am going to review, I believe that they are truly the best online Texas real estate license training course options.

1. Aceable Agent

online texas real estate license training courses

In my opinion, this is the best online Texas real estate license training course. This online Texas real estate license course also happens to be the newest one to hit the market in the state. Some people think that a school with more longevity is the better option, but this is not always the case. Also, as a new course, you know that all of the content is current and relevant. With many of the schools that are older, you run into the risk of the content being outdated, so you really have to look into it and not just take the age of the school into consideration.

Based on student pass rates, this is the online Texas real estate license school that has the highest rating. According to recent information, this school has a pass rate of over 85 percent in the state of Texas. When you look at the average in the industry, this is much higher than what most schools provide for their students.

What I really like about this online Texas real estate license school is that the company that runs it is based in Texas in the city of Austin. This means that when you choose this school, you are also giving back to the state’s economy. Another thing to consider is the fact that they offer help with tuition. This means that you have a way to spread out your payments so that it is easier to afford to pay for this Texas real estate license online course.

To sum it up, this online real estate school in Texas is the newest one that you can use. However, I also consider it to be the best option. When any person I know asks me to recommend online real estate schools in Texas, this is the one that I always recommend right away.

2. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

This online real estate school in Texas was my top pick before Aceable Agent opened their doors. I personally used this school to complete all of my prelicensure coursework. The school has a strong pass rate for students when they take their licensure examination for the first time. When you look at statistics from 2019, more than 70 percent of students passed their examination the first time that they took it. While this number may seem a bit small, when you compare it to what is average in the industry, it is higher than most online real estate schools.

This school does well to prepare you for your Texas real estate license exam. The school provides you with weekly training that is live, practice examinations and the ability to communicate with an instructor whenever you need some help. You can also head to the forums that the school offers where you can talk to fellow students and ask questions to get some help when you need it. Every week, there are Q&A sessions offered that are live, allowing you to get further help when you need it in real time.

Another great thing about this Texas real estate license exam course offers is that you can use three installments to pay for the course. This makes it easier to afford the total cost of the program. Compared to most other online real estate schools, this is a feature that is not offered, making this school above many of the others.

As someone who has used an online course to prepare for their Texas real estate license exam, I can tell you that the information could use an update. You will also see that most of the course content is text-based. However, you will get a small quiz following each of the sections. Before you can move onto the next section, you must pass this quiz. If you do not like to look at a lot of video content, this is one of the online real estate schools that is the best option. Overall, I am very happy with the education that this school provided me with.

3. Mbition (Formerly OnCourse Learning)

best online texas real estate license training courses

This is one of the online real estate schools that has a strong pass rate. On average, about 70 percent of students will pass their examination for their real estate license in Texas on the first try. While there are schools with higher pass rates, this one is quite solid overall.

When you are working through this real estate school’s course, you are able to take unlimited practice examinations. However, if live training is important to you, there are other real estate schools that offer this type of option.

You will have access to a personal instructor while you are working through the coursework to prepare for your real estate license in Texas. The instructors are available via email and it will take up to 24 hours for you to get a response back. Another nice feature of this school is that you can get real-time help from an instructor in a virtual classroom.

When you look at a variety of real estate schools in the state, the cost of this course is about what you would expect to be average in this industry. However, be aware that the pricing does change on occasion. While they are not the cheapest of the real estate schools in the state the quality of the education that you get ensures that you are prepared for your examination for your real estate license in Texas.

Compared to many other courses to pursue your real estate license, this is one of the better online programs in the state. However, it is important to note that it is not a very mobile-friendly option. You will have numerous formats for content delivery though so that it is easy to stay interested in what you are learning.

Lastly, there are a lot of supplemental learning aids to take advantage of. For example, you can use different supplements for additional examination and others to strengthen your math skills. As you work through the different practice examinations, they will start to learn your weaknesses and strengths. This ensures that the questions that you get are aimed at aiding you with the topics that you need more practice with.

4. Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education

This is one of the most popular real estate license course options in Texas and throughout the country. On average, about 76 percent of students who complete this real estate license class pass their licensure examination on the first try. While this does put them a bit below other classes, it is relatively comparable for several reasons. Also, remember that a pass rate of this percentage is higher than what is considered the industry average.

This real estate license school offers numerous packages for you to choose from. If you only want to get the basics to prepare for your licensure examination, the basic package is sufficient. Now, if you want more than just the basics, there are more advanced packages that you can choose from. For example, if you want to get additional examination preparation and other perks, you want to look at what the more advanced packages have to offer. When you are at this school, you also get live instructor changing and live study groups. Now, while these do not count toward your prelicensure hours, they do make it a lot easier to learn and retain the material.

Even with the lowest real estate license packages that this school has you will be able to contact a personal instructor when you need it. While email is the only way to reach out to your instructor, you tend to get a response within about 24 hours when you need help. It is important to note that this school has some of the best instructors in the industry and all of them have extensive experience in the field. Because of this, you can ensure that you are getting all of the required education that you need to pass your real estate license test.

Courses offered by this school tend to be a bit pricier compared to other schools that offer real estate education. However, you will get all of the 180 hours that this school requires so that you are eligible for your real estate license test. If you want additional features and perks you can choose one of the more advanced packages. While most people are able to adequately prepare for the real estate license examination with just the basic package, the ones with extra features can ensure that you are even more prepared.

The biggest complaint about this real estate license course is that some of the coursework can use an update. However, it is important to note that when it comes to the online program there are not many reviews. While they have decades in the industry and have educated numerous students, there are just not that many reviews. Of course, many of the reviews that you see are negative, but this is largely because dissatisfied people tend to be louder than those who were happy with their education.

Overall, I consider this one of the best real estate license course options in Texas. This is largely due to its solid pass rate and the fact that they only hire the highest quality instructors.

5. 360Training


This real estate license course is another one that is really popular in the state. However, their pass rate is only about 54 percent in the state when the numbers came out in 2019. When you look at this number, it means that when all of the school’s graduates sit or their real estate license examination, approximately 54 percent of them will pass on their initial attempt. While there are several online schools with a higher pass rate, this does not mean that you should just write off this school.

Personally, I felt that this real estate license course had some glitches that I had to contend with when I was working through the program. This is especially true when it comes to running the program on a mobile device. When you look at TrustPilot reviews from people who actually worked through this real estate license class, you will see that the program has about three stars while several other schools have a four-star rating.

Now, this does not mean that this is a bad real estate license class. It is important to know that they are popular, and they did not get this way being bad. Overall, you can navigate the program with ease. This is largely due to how well-organized everything is when you are working through the online course. You can also easily navigate the program when you are working on a mobile device, so you do not have to deal with a lot of glitches. I also think that the instructors that teach the course are very high in quality. It is easy to reach out to them and get help when you need it too.

When you look at the industry average, you can see that the cost of the course is pretty much on par with what is considered to be the average. You can look at different package options to get exactly what you need to prepare for your real estate license examination. Another nice perk is that you can spread out your payments so that it is much easier to afford the total cost of the course. Just be aware that when you do choose to spread out your payments, it will cost you a bit more compared to paying for the total cost of the course at once.

Overall, this real estate license course is a really solid option that you should consider. I will say that you should evaluate your learning style and then look at this program to see if it is one that resonates with your preferences.

6. The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop has one of the best real estate license pass rates in the state. In Texas, approximately 80 percent of students will pass the examination on the first try after they complete this course. There are numerous packages that you can pick between. If you only want to meet the state’s requirements, you can opt to only get the basic package. However, if you want to get additional examination preparation, you can choose to get a more advanced package. For example, if you want to get unlimited practice examinations, you want to get a higher-level package so that you can ensure that you are fully prepared to take your licensure examination. Another nice feature is that you can get help with your career once you are done with the course.

One element of this school that I really like is the content delivery methods. I feel that courses that use multiple content delivery methods are the best because they help to keep you engaged. It can be quite boring when you only have text to read to study. Since a lot of programs only use text, you may find that they become tedious after a while. It is better to break everything up with interactive features and videos. Personally, I think that the school’s excellent pass rates are largely related to how the content keeps you engaged.

The package and course that you choose will determine the cost. Many people say that the most expensive course is well worth the money due to all of the extras that you get. At this school, you can also get tuition assistance so that it is easier to handle the cost of the course. This means that you do not have to pay the full course cost at once, but instead, you can pay in several installments to make it easier.

Considering that this school has excellent pass rates, this alone makes it an excellent choice when you are looking for a real estate license school. The school also has excellent instructors and high-quality customer service. Add this to the multiple methods for delivering the content and it is easy to get prepared for taking your licensure examination.

7. Allied Real Estate Schools

(Now Real Estate Express)

Allied Real Estate Schools

When it comes to the real estate license classes in the state, this is one of the oldest ones available. Just like any other school that offers online education in real estate, you are able to work with an instructor when you need it, you get live student support and you will get all of the prelicensure coursework hours. When it comes to the materials that you use during the course, it can be tedious and boring. This school’s content is mostly text, so there are not many interactive features as you work through the course.

Another thing to consider when it comes to this school is the pass rate. When it comes to all of the courses on this list, their pass rate is under 53 percent. While this is not a terrible number, it is something to take into consideration if you are focused on pass rates and want a school with the highest pass rates possible. Honestly, it seems that the limited methods for content delivery are why the pass rate at this school happens to be lower compared to other schools. Be aware that text is the majority of this course.

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to this school is the cost of the program. When compared to other real estate schools, this is one of the least expensive options. Prices will change on occasion, but they remain relatively steady over time. This is true even when you get one of the most advanced packages. So, this is a good option for someone for someone on a budget despite the fact that the pass rate is a bit lower compared to other top real estate license programs.

Lastly, this is the only school in the state that I know about that offers a money-back guarantee that is 110 percent. So, the lower pass rates aside, this school is still a relatively solid option when you want to get all of the prelicensure hours in before you sit to take your licensure examination.

Requirements to Get Your Real Estate License in Texas

Once you find the school that you want to pursue your education at, you still need to ensure that you meet all of the state’s requirements. There are several requirements that you need to know about to ensure that you meet them.

Requirements about residency and age:

In Texas, you have to be at least 18 years old to start taking a prelicensure program. It is also required that you are either lawfully allowed to be in the US or a permanent resident of the country to qualify for your real estate license.

Requirements for education:

In Texas, you have to complete at least 180 hours of prelicensure coursework before you are determined to be eligible to sit for your licensure examination. There are six different topic areas that you have to study before you can sit for your licensure examination, including some principles courses, laws, finance and classes associated with contracts and forms.

Background check and fingerprinting:

There are laws that regulate what you need to do regarding your background check and fingerprinting. When you apply to get your license, you will have to submit your fingerprints. Even if you already did fingerprints for something else, you will have to resubmit them for your real estate license. You must also go through a background check and it must come back clear in order for you to be eligible to get your license for real estate.

Completing your real estate examination for licensure:

Once you get through all of the basic training requirements, it is time for you to sit for your licensure examination. You can apply to take your licensure examination once you meet some basic requirements and complete all 180 hours of prelicensure coursework. When you go to sit for your examination, you will have 100 questions to complete and these are usually on a computer. The state gives you 150 minutes to get through the ensure test. With this in mind, you will get approximately 80 seconds for every question that you need to complete.

To get your license for real estate, you must pass the licensure examination which requirements at least 70 percent. Should you not achieve at least at least a 70 percent to pass, you can retake your examination. However, you will have to do this within a year, and you have to pay the fee for a second time. Should you take the examination three times and fail to pass, you will need to head back to class and take a 30-hour course to essentially refresh your memory before you are considered eligible to take the examination again.

Get a sponsor:

Once you get the word that you have successfully passed your licensure examination, you will be licensed, but you cannot just go out and start working on your own as a real estate agent. Instead, you have to get a broker to sponsor you. This allows you to work under them where you will learn the industry while you are earning a living.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a full list of some of the best courses to pursue your real estate prelicensure coursework. Make sure that you are reading a lot of reviews and really evaluating all of the aspects of these programs. It is also important to not just limit yourself to these options as there are numerous other school options for real estate throughout Texas. You should read at least a few dozen reviews for all of the schools so that you can get a nice and balanced look at all of your options.

Just know that you want to take your time when you are working through this process. It will take you a little bit to start looking at all of the schools and determining exactly what you want to get out of your education. Make sure that you are looking at the pass rates but know that this is not the only factor for you to consider. Also, consider your learning style and compare this to the different content delivery methods that are available. When you consider a variety of elements, it will make it much easier to make the best choice.

While I listed the programs that are considered to be the most popular throughout the state, these are not the only ones that have helped a lot of people to get their real estate license. So, prepare yourself and take the school evaluation process seriously. Once you do decide on a school, ensure that you take it seriously and put forth a lot of effort. Now, I want to wish you a lot of luck with the entire process.

Online Texas Real Courses By Student Pass Rates

Below you will find a list of Texas real estate courses sorted by student pass rates from highest to lowest. You can view the all details on the Texas Real Estate Commission website.

Learn Texas Real Estate Online 81.45%
Aceable Real Estate School 79.66%
Texas State Online Real Estate, LLC 78.95%
The CE Shop, Inc 76.45%
Brightwood College 76.36%
Kaplan Real Estate Education 74.64%
Mbition Real Estate 74.23%
AYPORealEstate.com 66.67%
Absolute CE 66.67%
American School Of Real Estate Express, LLC 65.75%
Onward School of Real Estate 63.64%
Texas REALTORS 61.11%
Champions School of Real Estate, LTD 60.75%
Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. 55.26%
Real Estate Training and Technology Licensing School 53.57%
Train Agents, Inc. 53.53%
Allied Business Schools 51.77%
Van Education Center 51.24%
360training.com, Inc. 49.88%
Legends Real Estate School, LLC 48.15%
The Real Estate Business School 47.64%
Purvis Real Estate Training Institute 45.02%
Capstone Technical Institute 42.86%
REALTOR Academy 39.65%
Academy of Real Estate of El Paso 35.40%
Lone Star Real Estate Academy 33.33%
Accelerated Professional Education 25.42%
Capital Real Estate Training Center 0.00%

List Of Texas Real Estate Courses Online And Offline