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Reviews Of The 10 Best Online Real Estate License Schools For 2022

When I was looking into getting my license to work in real estate, I was already working another job full-time. There is a strong chance that many people who are considering real estate are in the same position. However, even if this does not apply to you, having one of the more flexible online real estate license schools is definitely something that is enticing. When I went to my community college and sat in a traditional classroom, it definitely lacked convenience.

When I began exploring online real estate license schools, it was hard to find the best online real estate license school. I performed extensive research to try and figure out which one was going to be the best option for me. Ultimately, I chose Real Estate Express.

This school was a good option for me, and it helped me to accomplish my goals. However, since I know what it is like to search for an online real estate license school, I wanted to create a website of reviews to make it easier for other aspiring real estate agents. I make sure that my reviews are updated regularly so that you are getting the more current and pertinent information for each school. Knowing who you should sign up with will make it much easier to get the education that you need to pass your licensure examination.

My Picks for 2022’s Best Online Real Estate License Schools

I will not just give you the school that I consider my top pick. Instead, I am providing reviews so that you are able to evaluate them and make the decision regarding the best online real estate license school for yourself. For the majority of the courses, I went through up to two modules so that I could get an idea what the course content was like, as well as the delivery format. There are currently 10 reviews for the schools. However, I will add more over time.

Make sure that you are aware that I do not know of any online real estate license schools that all 50 states have approved. The ones I have done reviews for here are approved in multiple states, but not all of them. Because of this, before you choose the online real estate license school that you want to attend make sure that you check which states they are approved in prior to signing up.

Here are the online real estate license schools that I will be providing reviews for. You can do comparisons to find the best online real estate license schools in your state.

  1. Real Estate Express is approved in 34 states
  2. Aceable Agent is approved in five states
  3. Mbition (Formerly OnCourse Learning) is approved in 19 states
  4. At Your Own Pace is approved in five states
  5. The CE Shop is approved in 20 states
  6. RealEstateU is approved in seven states
  7. OnlineEd is approved in 20 states
  8. Kaplan Real Estate Education is approved in 17 states
  9. Allied Schools is approved in six states
  10. 360Training is approved in 10 states

Detailed Comparisons and Reviews for 2022’s Top 10 Best Online Real Estate License Schools

There are dozens of online real estate license school options to choose from. Because of this, it is not uncommon to get a little overwhelmed when you are looking at everything and doing your research. This list will show you the schools that I think are in the top 10 so that you can get the details and make the best choice for yourself. I suggest that you read the reviews, dig a little deeper and then determine which of these is the best online real estate license school for you. I just did an update on this list in January 2022 and will make sure that I continue to perform updates throughout the year so that this list of the best online real estate license schools remains accurate and current.

1. Real Estate Express Review

best online real estate license school

This online real estate license school is the one that I used to prepare for my licensure examination in the state of Michigan. Overall, I found the course easy to follow. Once I finished the course, I felt that I was prepared to take the real estate licensure examination.

Picking the Best Package

There are several packages and I chose the one that is the most expensive. This allowed me to get my online course as well as various extras, including some textbooks. The textbooks follow the course and are written in a way that makes them a written version of it. With the books, I was able to take notes, highlight important sections and write things down that I wanted to remember. I personally found the textbooks to be a tremendous help. Via the books, I was able to do a lot of extra independent study.

Format of the Course

Most of the course is text-based material and relatively straightforward. If you are someone who prefers a lot of interactive material, it is better to consider a course, such as Aceable Agent.

Additional Help and Instructor Access

If you have any issues as you progress through the course, there are instructors that are available to talk to. Initially, you are provided with an instructor that you can reach out to and get a reply back within about 24 hours. There is also a live Q&A session held once a week.

Some of the Material Can Be Daunting

This was not the most fun and exciting coursework to work through, but most people would not expect the information to be thrilling either. If you are someone considering this course, it is one that I would definitely recommend. Just make sure that you are aware that the coursework is dry, and the studying requirements can get quite intense.

Completing the Coursework Via Mobile

You can complete all of the school’s coursework via mobile. Prior to 2020, the program was a bit glitchy when I was going through the coursework on my iPhone. In a mobile browser, the coursework looks pretty good. I had no issues when I used my iPhone 11 and its Safari browser.

Available In More States Than Any Other Course

The Real Estate Express program is available in 34 different states at the time of this writing. They are the leader in online real estate education.

The Student Pass Rate Is Very Good

Real Estate Express pass rates

Real Estate Express is available in more states than any other real estate course. With their amazing number of enrollees, they have a very good overall pass rate. In Texas for example they have achieved over a 65% pass rate. This is very high for online real estate courses.

Real Estate Express Final Thoughts

Overall, I got all of the preparation and education necessary to pass my licensure examination. The course was not exactly exciting and fun, but I received all of the information that I needed to find success and at a decent price. I highly recommend this course and for me, it’s the best course by far. The material is easy to use, easy to navigate, and help is right at your fingertips any time you need it. Every time I needed help, their staff answered within less than one minute.

2. Aceable Agent Review

online real estate license schools

This is the online real estate license school that I like to recommend the most. The only reason that it is not in the number one spot is because it is currently only approved in five states. It only operates in five states due to it being among the newest online real estate license schools to open their doors. I believe that as it picks up traction, it will start to get approved in more states. Due to this, I will be keeping an eye on the website to see when the school expands the states that it is approved in.

The Advantages of Being the New School

In most cases, I recommend that people choose a school that is experienced. However, the curriculum and other elements of this school far exceed the others on the market. Everything is among the most modern and updated, ensuring preparation for your licensure examination. You will always get the most relevant information so that you never have to worry about not being able to pass your licensure examination.

For Mobile Users, this is the Best Course

This is the online school that has dedicated Android and Apple apps. You can actually download an app instead of having to use the mobile browser on your cellphone. Because of this, the different elements of the course function quite well. You can also use a tablet if you rather not use a cellphone to download the app and take this course. All of this helps to set this school apart from the rest because the majority of other online schools do not have any apps that you can download to complete all of your coursework.

The Student Pass Rate is Very High

Aceable Agent pass rate

In the states where this school is approved, they have among the highest pass rates for students. For example, there is an 79 percent pass rate in Texas. Since most students are able to pass their licensure examination on the first try, it is clear that the curriculum is easy to follow and understand. They also ensure a curriculum that is interactive so that it is slightly less dry compared to other programs.

Multiple Content Formats

How the content is delivered is why I believe the student pass rate is so high. You are not just presented with a lot of plain text, but things like videos to keep you engaged. The school also uses a mascot that walks you through the modules so that it is like having a helper as you complete your work. There is a personal instructor that students get access to as well to help you along the way.

There are several content delivery formats, including graphics, texts, videos, animations and other methods to aid you in learning the information. You can also choose between different course packages so that you choose the one that has the information and affordability that you need.

Aceable Agent Final Thoughts

If you live in the five states where this course is approved, it is the one I highly recommend. Above the other course options, it is the superior course. All of the coursework is interactive and something that keeps you awake when you are working on it. Because of this, it is much easier to follow it along and retain the information that you learn as you are progressing through the coursework.

3. The CE Shop Review

online real estate license schools

This is probably one of the best online schools to prepare for your real estate examination. I say this based on the pass rate that this school has. Throughout the country, they state that their pass rate is about 90 percent. Texas shows publicly what the pass rates are for different schools in the area. According to this, the pass rate is 78.55 percent which is much higher than what is considered the average in the state. Since student success is among the most important things to consider when you are determining whether a school is worth it, this shows that this school knows what it is doing.

It is Very Mobile Friendly

The content is very easy to read and digest when you are using a tablet or a cellphone. All of the course elements are easy to use, organized well and there is a lot of simplicity regarding the user dashboard. A lot of the online schools for real estate are hard to navigate and unorganized, so this puts this school above a lot of the other options that are available.

Multiple Content Formats

When it comes to the content, you can look at it in a variety of ways. The majority of schools use a curriculum that is fully text-based. For most of the content that you use to learn for your licensure examination, text-based content works well. However, there are certain concepts and topics that are easier to understand when you are able to learn it using visual aids and videos. All of the videos are very high in quality, allowing you to easily grasp the content that is being delivered. Some of the modules that the school offers are fully presented in video for those who prefer this method of learning.


Another big advantage of this school is that you will not have to pay a lot of money to utilize the course materials. All of the coursework is modern and current so that it reflects what you are going to see when you are taking your test. If you want to get an idea about the school and the curriculum that it offers, you can spend five days trying the course out before you commit to it. In most states, you will not need a credit card to take this free trial either so that you do not have to be concerned about forgetting to cancel the trial before you are charged. At this school, you can also get a refund if you decide to cancel prior to finishing 50 percent of the course.

Supplemental Training

The school offers pretty decent supplemental materials too. If you are not great at math, you can take advantage of their math guidebook to help you learn more about real estate math and what you need to do to excel at it. Once you are finished with the course, you can choose to use the examination preparation software. Overall, this software is a good option for getting you prepared to take your state licensure examination once you finish it.

4. Mbition Review

online real estate license schools

If you are looking for a less expensive online real estate license school, this is one that I often recommend. Overall, the student reviews tend to be positive and the courses tend to cost an average of $100 less compared to competing schools. Now, while the school tends to be less expensive, you are still getting a solid education from this school.

Content Delivery Options

The retention rates are quite good at this school due to the unique way that they work to deliver the content. Their learning platform takes the topics and breaks them down into increments that take you about 30 minutes to learn. This method is especially good for students who find it hard to pinpoint the information they need to study and those who have difficulty organizing information. At this school, most of the learning is text-based, so the content is not very interactive, but it is budget-friendly.

Prep XL Program

This is what makes this one of the best online real estate license schools. When you are working through the program, it will tell you what your weaknesses and strengths are. The system will learn your weaknesses and give you more questions in these areas so that you can put more focus on learning these topics. With your strengths, you will get some questions in these areas, but they will be fewer so that you can put most of your focus on the content areas that you are struggling with so that you can become stronger in them.

Additional Tools

There are some other tools that students have access to that the course does not require. For example, if you are not strong in math, you can take the Math Prep program to work on your arithmetic skills. It is important to evaluate your skills and then check out the section for additional tools to see where you might be able to benefit from what the school has to offer. While these tools are not part of your prelicensure coursework, they can help you to better work through the areas that you are struggling with.

Mobile-Friendly Course

On mobile devices, the course seems to work most efficiently. You can use your phone’s browser since there is not a downloadable app for you to use. On my iPhone, I did not experience any errors or glitches that made it hard to get through the material. Even some of the best online real estate license schools do not have mobile compatibility, so this is a big plus in my book.


If you are unable to pay the full cost of tuition at once, you can opt to use the school’s pay as you go plan. To use this, you will need to choose the individual modules and then put them into your car. Overall, this will cost you slightly more, but if you need to make payments, it can allow you to get started with your course without having to pay the full amount down. Even with this option, you still have full access to all of the school’s features and elements.

Mbition Learning Final Thoughts

This online real estate license school is ideal for those wanting additional test preparation. It is also a solid choice if you are in search of a more affordable school. Since it tends to be cheaper and offers additional test preparation, if you are wanting to make sure that you are fully prepared for your licensure examination it is a good option since it comes with supplemental tools that you do not have to pay extra for.

5. At Your Own Pace Review

At Your Own Pace

This online real estate license school allows you to take your prelicensure coursework for Alabama, Michigan, Texas, Florida and Oregon. A reader asked me to review this school because they thought it was among the best real estate license schools, so I added it to the list in 2020. Prior to them reaching out, I was not aware that this school even existed, but once I checked out the coursework, I decided that they were worthy of my top five.

Content Delivery

This school uses video, text and other formats to deliver their content. In some cases, the content feels like it is a bit outdated, but the information that is presented is valid and it will help you to pass your licensure examination. It is more the style and format of the videos since the information is good. The videos just seem a bit outdated, but do not let this distract you from all of the strong and relevant information in the videos.

Mobile-Friendly Content

I used my iPhone’s Safari browser when looking at the course content. There is not an app that you can download, but everything seemed to work quite well when using this browser. All of the pages of content fit well onto a mobile screen after resizing to fit one. You can still fully expand the videos and zoom in when you need to. While there are other courses that work better on mobile, this one gets the job done.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

This is a school that guarantees the lowest price so that you know that you are getting the best price on your tuition. Most schools for real estate online are not trying to be the cheapest around, so this school is unique in that aspect. If you find a school with cheaper tuition, this school will match it for you. Because of this, you are able to get a strong education for a price that you can afford. You also do not have to worry about paying an unfair or inflated price for tuition because this school ensures that they are always transparent when it comes to their tuition and fees.

Pass Guarantee

While not unique to this school, they do offer a guarantee that you will get a refund if you do not pass your licensure examination on the first try after completing the program. This school states that this policy is transparent and that there is no fine print associated with this guarantee. With this guarantee, it is clear that they stand by their product.

Solid Customer Service

I try to call customer service when I am reviewing real estate schools because it gives me a chance to see how well they respond to me. In my experience, most of them are not very good. When I called customer service for this school, I was able to get through to a person right away and this was a nice difference compared to other schools. You are also able to talk to someone seven days a week, allowing you to not have to wait to have your questions and concerns answered on weekends. They also offer multiple options for customer service, such as phone, live chat and email.

Student Pass Rates

pass rate

This program has a very good pass rate. According to the TREC the pass rate for this course is 66.67% at the time of this writing.

AYOP Final Thoughts

This school is one that I just added to my list in 2020. While it is one that I was not initially familiar with, I have a rather positive initial impression of this school.

6. Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan is well-known in the education world, especially when it comes to training people to get their real estate license. Every year, tens of thousands of people use Kaplan Real Estate Education to get their real estate license. If you want a school that also has physical locations and a well-known background, this one is a solid option to consider.

Student Pass Rates Are Above Average

Kaplan pass rates

One thing that makes this school really stand out is the pass rates for students. Historically, the pass rates for this school have been above average. Compared to other major schools for online real estate education, Kaplan is a strong rival. They also ensure a high level of diversity in their curriculum and how they deliver it. When you get signed up, you are provided with a personal instructor that will be available to answer questions and provide some help when you need it. Compared to similar schools, this one may be a bit more expensive, but the extra cost is worth it.

Kaplan Uses Top Instructors

One of the reasons for the high cost of this school is the strong caliber of the instructors that they use to teach the courses. The majority of them are either former or current real estate agents who have or continue to succeed in the industry. This makes it possible for them to teach you about the industry while ensuring that you are fully prepared to take your licensure examination. You can see this the most when you join in on the classroom sessions that are offered via a live video. They work to show you how what you are learning is something that you can start applying to situations that actual real estate agents experience.

Mobile Usability

The school could make some improvements to the mobile capabilities of their course content. If you think that you will use a tablet or your cellphone, it is important to know that a few elements of the coursework did not work very well on mobile screens. Now, while a few areas were glitchy, you can complete all of the coursework just from your cellphone.

They Offer Solid Support

Since this is an online school, you have the ability to access the coursework at any time of the day. You can also get in touch with tech support every day so that your ability to work through the program is never interrupted. In addition, you get access to test preparation resources, a private instructor and a forum for students.

Kaplan Real Estate Education Final Thoughts

Kaplan is a good choice if you are okay with paying a little more in tuition to get taught by some of the highest quality instructors in the real estate education market. You can also choose to pursue your real estate education in a physical classroom if this makes it easier to learn. I also find that their website is very confusing and not straightforward at all. It’s very difficult to find the course and tuition cost because the layout is so bad.

7. Allied Schools Review

Allied Schools Review

This school has been around for more than 25 years, so it has a strong history. They boast a money-back guarantee of 110 percent which is more generous than most schools. The school is approved in several states and it is often one of the most popular options. Of the states the school is approved in, they include California, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Nevada and Washington.

You Can Pursue Your License Fast

This school offers a fast track program for those who want to get their real estate license. It makes it possible to progress through the program fast so that you are not waiting long to be eligible to sit for your real estate license. At this school, you get eBooks that you can download, or you can get actual hard-copy books that allow you to read the books as you go along. There is an extra fee if you opt to get the hard-copy books.

The course does not have a lot of video content. It tends to be text-heavy, but the price is moderate, allowing you to get eligible for your licensure examination if you are on a budget.

Mobile Friendly

In my experience, the coursework is not very compatible with a smartphone or a tablet. Since it is not well optimized, you should try to use a computer to get through your coursework. Everything is clear on a computer so that everything is easy to read.

Passing Rate is Lower Than Average

allied student pass rate

The pass rate is lower than the average in the states that this school is approved in. At the time that this review was written, the pass rate in Texas was 51 percent. In this state, the average pass rate is 61 percent and the majority of the schools that I have listed here are at least here or have a higher pass rate.

Supplement Training

This school has its flaws, but one area where it really stands out is with the supplements that it offers students. You get the most of these supplements when you opt for one of the bigger packages. If you choose the base package, you get everything necessary to prepare for your licensure examination. The school also offers examination preparation that you can use once you finish the course. With this option, you get a DVD to guide your studying, flashcards and some extra guides.

8. 360Training Review

best online real estate license schools

This school is a website that offers a wealth of continuing education options. In fact, you can access the website in over 100 countries and there are approximately 3,000 classes that you can choose from. Because of this information, you can see that they have a lot of experience when it comes to online classes.

Low Student Pass Rate

The student pass rate is something that I am not very happy with when it comes to this school. While you cannot get this information for all of the states, for those that do make it available, the approximate pass rate is under 55 percent which is lower than what is considered the national average. When I reviewed this website about six months ago, the pass rate was a bit higher, so it seems to be going down with time, at least during this present time. This school’s student pass rate declined about three percent over the six-month period in between my reviews.

I think that it is important to consider the student pass rate because it gives you some insight into the quality of the education that you may receive from a school. It is also important to note that glitches are not uncommon, especially when you are using a mobile device to access your coursework. Now, the course is listed as mobile-friendly, but it is not uncommon for the pages to start loading slowly. It is also important to note that there were flaws in the formatting.

The Site is Easy to Navigate

This is one of the good things that the school has going for it. Overall, you can navigate the website quite easily due to the nice organization of the website. You can easily find the most important information so that you can access your coursework fast so that there are no delays with what you are learning. All of the instructors are responsive, helpful and knowledgeable.

Fair Pricing

Overall, the price of this program is pretty middle of the road. While they are not the cheapest, they are also not the most expensive. When you look at the pricing, it will depend on the state that you live in. You should also know that you can buy individual courses if it is easier to pay for one class at a time.

360Training Final Thoughts

While this is not the best online course for real estate, it does have its benefits and it is above the industry standards. This is a school to consider when you are looking into taking real estate courses online.

9. RealEstateU


This school is approved in multiple states, including California, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and New York. It was not until 2022 that I added this school to my list, so I do not have extensive feedback yet from students who took the full course. Because of this, I decided that it was best to look at the curriculum myself and see what the course has to offer. According to the school, there are more than 50,000 students who are enrolled in this course.

Unknown Pass Rates

While Texas does work to ensure that pass rates among students are public information, the school was only approved in this state in 2020, so this information is not yet available. Since the pass rates are not public knowledge, I decided that this school needed to be further down the list. About halfway through 2022 when I do an update on my reviews, I will decide if the school should change its position on this list. Also, it is important to note that it was 2013 when the school first opened and started to get approved in various states.

Course Content

The method of course delivery is rather unique to this school. They ensure numerous methods for course delivery, including videos, infographics, text and other options. However, one thing that makes this school stand out above the rest is that they offer lessons in an audio format. With the videos and audio lessons, there are more than 20 different instructors that you can listen to.

Mobile-Friendly Platform

If you are using a mobile device, you are in luck because this coursework works very good with these types of devices. Using a mobile browser, you are able to tackle all of the coursework without extensive glitches or issues. They do not have an app that you can download, but they do ensure that you can access the content via mobile on Android and Apple devices.

Supplemental Materials

Another reason I really like this school is due to the supplemental materials that they provide. I would prefer to be able to work with actual books, but you are able to print various manuals and guides from home. I’m someone who just tends to learn better when I am able to work from a physical book. When you explore the supplemental materials, you will find a wide array of transcripts, notes, infographics and test guides. These are among the best I have seen across multiple online courses for real estate. The school makes sure that everything that you print goes along well with the online material, making it easy to follow along.

Money-Back Guarantee

It is not uncommon for you to get a money-back guarantee from an online real estate school. These guarantees mean that you are able to ask for a refund of the program cost if you take your real estate licensure examination and do not pass it on the first try. Now, while this school does not offer this level of guarantee, you are able to try it out and see if you like it. They give you a full 30 days to do this so that you really have enough time to fully vet the course before you commit to it. Now, at the end of the 30 days, if the course is not a good fit for you, you are able to request that the school provide you with a full refund and you can move on to another course.

RealEstateU Final Thoughts

When it comes to this school, my ultimate thoughts are very promising and positive. The course itself is laid out well and it is very organized. Many other courses seem like someone just quickly put the curriculum together and did not much think of the flow and organization. It is obvious that this school was created with order in mind and the coursework and supplemental materials function very well together. While the sections that only offered audio were not my favorite, most other parts of this school’s program were something that I really enjoyed.

10. OnlineEd


This school is available in 20 states, so there is a good chance that it is a viable option for you. The course that they provide is relatively straightforward. While it does not have a lot of the extras that many schools have, it does provide everything that you need to successfully pass your state licensure examination. For some people, simplicity is a good thing when it comes to learning something new and preparing for an examination.

No Student Pass Rates

This school keeps it simple and does not offer a lot of advanced features. While pass rates are more important than a lot of extras, the school does not make this information available. This is why I put this school lower on this list. However, around July of 2022, I anticipate that this information will be available and from there I will be able to update this information and maybe raise the position of this school on the list.

Course Content

Overall, the content that the school provides is simple because they keep it basic. Most of what you run into is images and plain text. However, you will notice occasional video content as you work through the course. They offer a free course demo that you can use to determine if the format and content is up to your preferences and specifications.

Some States Have Higher Prices

While I did not look up the tuition rates in all states, I did notice that for some of them, the tuition price was higher than comparable schools. Why they are more expensive is unknown since the course content is relatively basic. I also feel that the customer support could be better and that the attention that you get from instructors is something that could use an upgrade.

Some States They Operate as a Third Party

While this is not automatically a bad thing, it is something that might be problematic for those who want to work directly with the school. While you are on the sales pages on the school’s website, you can see the different states. Just be aware that just because a state is listed this does not mean that the school is approved to operate in that state. However, it can seem that you are going directly through the school when you are not, but you are instead signing up with a third party school that offers this school a commission when a student signs up to take their course through this school. Because of this, you might end up paying more overall, so always double check the school that you are actually signing up with before you go through the process.

OnlineEd Final Thoughts

It was not easy for me to decide where I wanted to put this school on the list. I will need to get more details about the pass rates before I can comfortably move them up on the list. It would also be good if the school would lower their tuition prices or add some more features so that you are getting more of what you pay for. However, the fact that the course is really simple is a good thing and it does make the school advantageous over those that have a more complex curriculum. You can navigate the website easily and it works well when you are accessing the site via the mobile app. While this school is not my primary choice, it is a legitimate place to learn.

Classroom Courses vs. Online Courses for Real Estate

One thing people often think about is whether online schools are really legit and able to help them to pass their licensure examination. Would taking your classes in a traditional classroom be the better choice?

These are great questions and there are no specific answers to them. Ultimately, your learning style and the school that you choose will make a big difference in your experience with these schools. For some people, these schools are a great choice and they really help them to learn what is needed to pass their licensure examination. However, for others, they are not able to excel when learning via an online format. One thing that is true though is that a lot of people have been able to get their real estate license due to using online courses compared to times when you had no choice but to attend school in a traditional classroom. For me, online classes worked very well.

There are numerous opinions when it comes to this topic. Some professionals think that a traditional classroom is best and will give you a major advantage when it comes to learning what is needed to get your license. This is because many think that being able to access an instructor regularly allows you to learn. Several of these people also believe that students tend to do better when they are able to interact with their fellow students. Being able to network may also give you a boost when it comes to starting your career.

What to Consider When Evaluating Online Real Estate Schools

Online, you will find a lot of real estate schools that are great. I put a list of my favorite schools here, but they are not the only schools that are available on the market. It is important to evaluate everything closely since schools may not be what they seem on the surface. For example, a school may only be approved in two states and be new, but they could still have a superior curriculum. It is also not possible for me to review all of the online schools, so once you get through all of the reviews here, you will want to do your own research too so that you can get the most comprehensive list possible to evaluate.

As you look for the best real estate school, look at their online training history and reviews. Websites like Google and Facebook often have this information. You can also talk to real estate agents and bloggers to get more information about the schools that are the best choices. Finally, it is okay to look at the Better Business Bureau to check for reviews and complaints against the different schools. Just remember that a few complaints does not mean that the school is fully bad or one that you should refrain from considering. In fact, some schools have a poor rating due to things like outdated information and not because the school itself is bad.

Ultimately, the best school for you is one that caters to your learning style, budget and time constraints. My top five options are likely to be very different from the top five options that someone else would choose.

Be Mindful of Time Limits

You are putting out good money to complete the prelicensure hours that you need to be eligible for your real estate licensure examination. Just be aware that most online courses give a time limit and if you do not successfully complete the course in time, you will likely need to pay again to retake it.

Most of the courses give you about six months to take the course. Always ensure that you have the time to complete the coursework before you register and make a commitment. For most people, three months is sufficient to complete the coursework even when they are only studying on a part-time basis.

Online Real Estate School Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is not common when it comes to online real estate schools. A lot of people might be out of work and looking for another job when they choose to attend school, making it hard to cover the full cost of the tuition at once. Should you be unable to pay everything upfront, you might want to consider an in-person class since these tend to come with tuition assistance options. You can also look into grants and other free money to help you with your tuition costs.

Final Thoughts

It is really common for real estate schools to offer their classes online nowadays. All states have course options available. Just make sure that the course that you do choose is approved by the state. In many states, there are numerous schools available for you. Ensure that they have the right certification and that things like their billing practices are legitimate.

If you have been considering working toward your real estate license online, the best advice that I can give you is to dive in and get started with it. It is not easy to get through all of the work, but it will be worth it in the end. Just think that a year from today you could be working as a licensed real estate agent. The longer you take to get started, the longer it is going to take to finish your education, go through the process and start your career.