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Top 5 Best Online Michigan Real Estate Classes Of 2022

Are you considering becoming a real estate agent in Michigan? There are still several classroom-based programs that will help to get you prepared for your Michigan real estate license. However, online Michigan real estate classes are becoming the most popular way to pursue your prelicensure coursework to be eligible to take your Michigan real estate license exam. It is not hard to see why people view this as the preferable way to prepare for the Michigan real estate license exam. I was working a full-time job and business when I decided to go to real estate school. It was not appealing to me to sit in a classroom for hours and undergo lectures after working all day.

There is a good chance that you are in the same boat. You want to take a real estate course in Michigan, but you are not able to sit in a traditional classroom due to things like having a full-time job or other major responsibilities. It would be an inconvenience to do this and I completely understand that.

The good news is that with the best online Michigan real estate classes, you do not have to deal with this hassle. In this post, I will provide information and important details about the five programs that I view as the best online real estate course in Michigan options. I will go over the important elements of each program so that you are able to essentially compare and contrast all five of them to determine which will work the best for you.

However, I need you to first understand some facts about the industry associated with online real estate training courses in Michigan. Because of this, before I get into the recommendations that I am going to provide, I want to give you some information before you decide to get started with online real estate license training programs in Michigan.

Be Aware of Online Michigan Real Estate Classes that May Be Outdated

Prior to signing up with one of the online real estate classes approved in Michigan it is important for you to know a fact that many of the online Michigan real estate classes do not want you to be aware of. The truth is that a lot of the curriculum is out of date. While these courses are approved by the state, this does not stop the curriculum from being outdated. Because of this, it could cause you to do poorly on or even fail your state licensure examination when you take it.

How is it even possible for a real estate license course in Michigan to provide curriculum that is out of date?

Well, online real estate schools in Michigan are not new and have been in operation for quite some time. The first online program was approved a couple of decades ago. Around this time, all of the major training programs for aspiring real estate agents started to launch.

The online Michigan real estate classes essentially started to deteriorate over time. For example, you were not able to use tablets or smartphones to access your real estate course in Michigan. While many schools have created versions of their courses that are mobile friendly, it is common for the mobile platform to not work very well. In fact, that is the truth for many of the schools that have a mobile version. You may find yourself running into glitches and other issues that inhibit your ability to work through the material efficiently.

Unfortunately, the user interface is not the only element of online Michigan real estate classes that is outdated. As I said earlier in this post, when it comes to the curriculum for online real estate training in Michigan, some of the information presented is actually out of date. As things change regarding this information, the state does require that all courses make updates. However, over the course of the last 20 years, many of the changes have simply been overlooked. Many of the real estate training class in Michigan options need a complete overhaul to ensure that the information is accurate, but instead many of the schools are just essentially patching the curriculum instead of using a real solution.

Because of this, make sure that you are careful when you are choosing the best online real estate training in Michigan. There are numerous online Michigan real estate classes that are very low in quality and these will not get you prepared to take your licensure examination. It is important to conduct thorough research to determine which option is the best for you.

Top Five Online Michigan Real Estate Classes Reviews

Michigan has a regulatory body that works to approve all of the online Michigan real estate classes before they can say that they are approved by the state. However, when you visit the website, it does not contain a lot of information about how they approve courses or which of the courses are approved by the state. I found what I consider the best possible list of the online real estate schools that are approved. I am reviewing and recommending the five programs that I feel are the best.

1. Real Estate Express (My Top Pick)

best online michigan real estate classes

When I was taking all of my prelicensure coursework, this is the school that I personally attended. Because of this, it is the one that I am most familiar with. Regarding the coursework, I was very happy with all of it. In my opinion, only a few bits of information were out of date. I chose to also get textbooks along with the online curriculum so that I had physical books to refer to while I was completing the coursework.

Ultimately, it was their student pass rate that made me choose them above other schools. In Michigan, I do not know the exact figures, but in other states throughout the country, they have some of the industry’s highest pass rates for students. This is something that is very important to me because I wanted to ensure that I chose a program that would fully prepare me to take the real estate licensure examination.

This program uses a lot of text to deliver the information that you need to know. Because of this, it is simple to work through the coursework, but there are a few videos that are included to break things up. If you are not a big fan of interactive material, this is a good course option for you.

You are paired up with a personal instructor that you can use to get answers to your questions in approximately 24 hours. There are also forums for students where you can interact and get further help from instructors. Also, this school hosts a live Q&A session that allows you to talk to instructors in real-time to get help.

Overall, I really liked this school and I recommend it to people who ask me about which real estate training programs are the best.

2. AceableAgent


This is one of the online Michigan real estate classes that is among the latest to be granted approval by the state. In 2019, the state approved them, so they are really new on the market. However, despite their lack of longevity, it is one of the best classes that you can take to complete your prelicensure coursework. The school created the curriculum from scratch, so it is among the most modern of all of the coursework options out there to prepare for your real estate examination.

For example, while most of the online Michigan real estate classes state that they are mobile friendly, this is the only one that actually has mobile app capabilities for both Android and Apple. When it comes to taking your classes on mobile devices, you will not find a better option. Because of this, AceableAgent is the top choice if you plan to complete your coursework via mobile.

There is a lot going for this school though and the content is among the most important. Not only is the actual curriculum great, but they also deliver it in an excellent way. They use a variety of methods for delivering content, such as text, animations, graphics, videos and other interactive features to make it easier to learn and retain the information. You also get an assigned instructor and access to virtual classrooms that are much higher quality compared to similar programs.

Among the most important ways to determine the quality of a school is the pass rate for students who complete the course. While the state does not publicly publish this information, the school itself is considered the best in Texas for its pass rate compared to all other online courses in the state.

3. The CE Shop

The CE Shop

This is a well-known company for offering online education in a variety of industries, including real estate. The course is mobile friendly so that you can work through the coursework on your tablet or smartphone if this is more convenient for you.

I really appreciate how the coursework is delivered with this school. Most of it is text-based, but there are also some other methods like videos to keep the content more interactive. This also helps to reduce boredom when you are working through the program. Overall, it is relatively easy to learn and retain the information.

This school says that about 90 percent of students pass their real estate examination on the first try after completing this program. Compared to other schools, this is one of the highest pass rates and it is much higher than the industry average. Because of this, it is clear that the course content is high in quality.

I also believe that this school is superior when it comes to examination preparation. They have different programs that you can use as well as various supplemental training materials that are highly beneficial. Personally, I am not very strong in math and found the supplemental math help to aid me a lot with what I needed to learn.

You take no risk when you sign up for their course. When you start the course, if you are not a fan, you can request a refund within 30 days of starting the course as long as you are not more than halfway through the coursework. This makes this school a great option for obtaining your real estate education.

4. Mbition

OnCourse Learning

This school is well-known in Michigan among those who want to pursue their real estate education online. They have longevity and have been providing this type of education for a long time. The school says that they have very high pass rates. Also, their user interface is among the most modern of all of the schools that I talk about in this post.

They use an a la carte structure for classes that is unique. This allows you to choose which of the classes that you take as you can buy them individually. Because of this, you are able to pay smaller amounts at a time, making it more affordable if you are unable to pay several hundred at once. While package deals tend to be cheaper overall, this is a nice option if you need to pay as you go.

One thing that helps this school stand out in the industry is the fact that their learning platform is adaptive. They can essentially explore their weaknesses and strengths and customize the course around this. For example, there is the Exam Prep XL program that provides you with dates, a full study guide and deadlines. This can help you to stay on track and follow along. As you progress through the program, it starts to identify your trouble areas so that you can put more focus on these. Due to such features, this school has an advantage over the others.

You also get a guarantee with this school. When you take your licensure examination, if you do not pass the exam, you will get the money back that you spent on this program. Not many other schools offer this type of guarantee.

5. Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan is another school that is very well known among people who are pursuing real estate education in Michigan. Due to their high student pass rate, I actually almost signed up for this course. What makes them different is that their approach to teaching tends to be more personal. When you are in your virtual classroom, you are able to interact with other students and your instructor. You can also choose to attend class in person or take a hybrid class where you do things online and in a physical classroom.

If you are not able to pay the full tuition at once, you can opt for a payment plan or tuition assistance from this school. This is a unique feature because most other schools do not offer such an option. While Kaplan does cost more than several other options, you do get what you pay for as the school has multiple add-ons that you can take advantage of. This school is also known for employing instructors that are highly experienced.

Another element of this school that is important is their supplemental materials. If you choose one of their more advanced packages, you are able to use various study guides to help you learn and retain the material. For example, there is a two-day intensive course that allows you to cram for your licensure examination before you take it.

Another thing I really appreciate about this school is that you can use it easily on smartphones. However, the mobile capabilities are not as good as you get at other schools. Ultimately, you are best off using a computer to work through the coursework.

Full List of Schools to Obtain Your Real Estate Education in Michigan

While the schools that I listed above are the ones that I recommend the most, there are several other schools that you can choose from. Because of this, make sure that you are conducting your own research and looking at a variety of options.

Final Thoughts

While I have my top five picks that I consider to be the best schools to pursue your real estate career, do not just take my word for it. It is important that you use multiple sources to read reviews and conduct your own research. Just make sure to remember that not all reviews are true, so you have to read a lot and make sure that you are taking some things with a grain of salt. For example, competing schools may write reviews of their competitors to make them look bad so that the school can be in a better position to attract more students. Every industry does things like this and the real estate education industry is not any different.

As you read reviews from a variety of sources, you will start to notice some patterns. This helps to discern what is true and false. Now, I just want to wish you luck as you work toward your real estate career.