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Best Online Georgia Real Estate Courses In 2022

Online Georgia real estate courses are something that more and more students are turning to due to the flexibility of this type of learning. Many aspiring real estate agents are using this method to obtain their education so that they are not confined to a strict classroom schedule. You can prepare for your Georgia real estate license exam completely from home when you choose an online class. This way of learning has been proven effective in making sure that you learn everything that you need to be successful on your licensure examination.

Online Georgia real estate courses are not something that just started popping up. There are some options that have existed for decades. When you take this type of course, it makes it much easier to prepare for your examination while still taking care of all of your responsibilities. I personally chose a Georgia real estate school that was online to pursue my education. Honestly, I am not sure that I would have been able to make this career change had I not been able to pursue my education online.

Unfortunately, not all of the online Georgia real estate courses are going to be great or a good fit for you. You need to know that in this industry there are some issues that you must take into consideration. Prior to myself listing what I consider to be the best online Georgia real estate courses I want to provide you with some details regarding what to look out for when you are choosing the best course for you.

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Major Online Georgia Real Estate Courses’ Problems

I mentioned above that online real estate schools are not anything new in the state of Georgia. Their longevity definitely sounds like a positive, but it actually presents an issue that these schools do not tend to disclose or discuss.

It has been about 20 years since this state approved online courses for those wanting to pursue real estate. Online real estate schools in Georgia looked at this as a way to potentially make a strong profit. For most of the schools, this really paid off because more people are using an online real estate school in Georgia compared to a classroom-based program. For a while, it worked out really well that so many online real estate schools were hitting the market because it created competition.

So, what is the issue with this? Over the years, these online Georgia real estate courses started to get outdated. When you think about it, these courses essentially had about two decades to deteriorate. As changes were made in the industry, the majority of the courses did not work to keep up. If you really think about it, when many online real estate license course in Georgia options got started, you did not even have mobile devices, so there was no need to create something that was mobile friendly.

While many real estate schools claim to have courses that are mobile-friendly, they neglect to disclose the fact that you are likely to encounter glitches and a variety of other problems. For example, it may be difficult to navigate, making it harder to get anything done when you are trying to work through your course. There are some courses where you are not able to use a mobile device at all.

An outdated user interface is not the only thing that you need to worry about either. Unfortunately, with many real estate schools, there is also a lot of outdated information. In some cases, the outdated information is so prevalent that it makes it difficult to really prepare to take your licensure examination. When I am talking about outdated information, I am referring to the courses that are approved by the state too.

Ultimately, you have numerous online Georgia real estate courses that are not mobile-friendly and have too much information that is outdated. Because of this, you need to have access to a computer to even get through the coursework. Then, once you do finish, you may find yourself ill prepared for your licensure examination as a result of the outdated information. These issues are among the biggest reasons why I decided to put this post together.

Six of the Best Online Georgia Real Estate Courses to Consider

The state has a regulatory board that is responsible for approving online real estate schools in Georgia. While you peruse the list of schools in this post, you can see that there are a lot of viable real estate schools that you can use for online education. While I am not able to provide a review for every real estate license course in Georgia, I am providing the details for the ones that I consider to be the best online Georgia real estate courses.

1. Top Recommendation: Aceable Agent

online georgia real estate courses

When it comes to the best online Georgia real estate courses, this school is the one that I recommend the most. For several years, I have dedicated some of my time to providing reviews of real estate schools. Because of this, I know what to look for when it comes to what makes a course high in quality. However, why is this one different from the other online real estate schools in Georgia?

When it comes to online real estate schools in Georgia, this school is among the newest options. In fact, it was October 2019 when you were able to start pursuing your real estate education at this school. While so many schools are outdated, this is not something that you have to worry about with this school since the school and its curriculum are very new. The people who started this school ensured that it is modern and that everything is updated.

However, how modern a school is truly is mostly irrelevant if they do not have a good passing rate. Unfortunately, this is not public information in most states, including Georgia. However, Texas does make this information public and this school does offer online education in this state. In Texas, this real estate license course boasts a pass rate of more than 80 percent. Because of this, I consider this course the number one option.

One reason why this school has such a solid pass rate is due to how they deliver their content in the courses. You can use a variety of formats so that it is easier to learn and retain the information. As you work through the course, you have a mascot that essentially guides you. You can also use this real estate license course via mobile so that you can basically complete the work no matter where you are. There are some online real estate schools in Georgia that do not even offer a mobile-friendly platform for you to use. However, if you live a busy life and want to be able to study from just about anywhere, it is important that you choose a course that is mobile-friendly.

To sum it up, this real estate license course has the most updated content and the most modern delivery formats. Of course, this school also has an excellent student pass rate so that you know that the course content provides what you need to prepare for your licensure examination. In my opinion, this is the best of the real estate schools online in Georgia.

2. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

When I was getting ready to take my licensure examination, this is the school that I chose to use. This is one of the biggest reasons that I consider it to be one of the top options.

In the industry, this school is very well-known. In fact, in Georgia, this is probably the most popular online option. I believe that the user interface for this website is very easy to use. Overall, the information that you learn is updated and current regarding what you will need to know to take your licensure examination. In some of the packages, you can opt to receive physical textbooks that you can use to essentially follow along with the material that you are using online. This makes it possible to easily take notes and highlight the things that you want to make sure that you remember. Even if you choose their least expensive package, you will get access to handbooks that act as a supplement to what you are learning online.

One thing that really stands out with this school is the pass rate. You can find the numbers for some of the states that this school is available in. This shows that what you are learning is solid and that you can pass your licensure examination when you go to take it as long as you use the course properly.

Most of the online courses for this school are text-based. Because of this, you may find some of the material a bit dry at times. However, there are some interactive features and videos that you get that can break up the monotony of the course content. You can also study from anywhere since the course is mobile-friendly on both tablets and smartphones.

Like most of the online courses for real estate that are high in quality, you do get access to an instructor that you can take advantage of whenever you need some help. With the higher packages, there is also a weekly Q&A session that is live. Also, there are forums that you can access as a student for more interaction and to get some help when you need it. Due to all of the options for getting help when you need it, I really enjoyed this school.

3. Mbition

online georgia real estate courses

Career Webschool is what this school used to be called. In Georgia, this school is known for its content and course quality. When it comes to the user interface, this is one of the most modern course options. Because of this, if you want a program that you can use via a smartphone or tablet, you should really consider this one.

Compared to many of the Georgia schools where you can pursue your real estate education online, this one has a very high pass rate. One other nice feature is how you can take individual courses at a time. This makes it possible to both customize your education and pay as you go so that you do not have to pay for the full cost of tuition at once. There is a package option that allows you to access a variety of extra features too, such as a classroom that is virtual and highly interactive.

One thing that many people often overlook with these online courses is all of the supplemental materials and how much these can benefit you when you are working through the course. While there are minimum standards that the state requires schools to meet, many of them only adhere to the minimum and nothing else. However, this school offers a variety of helpful extras, such as additional examination preparation and a small supplement that will help you to improve your math skills. When you consider the state minimum requirements, it is easy to see that this school goes above and beyond this.

They also offer a pass guarantee that many other schools do not offer. With this guarantee, if you take your licensure examination and do not pass on the first try, you can get your money back so that you are not losing anything.

I also really appreciate the content delivery method at this school. The way they have it set up prevents it from becoming mundane so that everything is broken up and easier to maintain your focus. You will find a variety of formats, such as animations and text to keep you engaged in the content. Compared to schools that only offer text-based courses, you will find that it is a lot less boring.

If you want a school that is mobile-friendly and modern, this one is a very good option. Another excellent aspect of this school is the fact that the test preparation is much higher quality compared to other schools.

4. Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education

When it comes to evaluating real estate schools that are online, it is important that you are always considering Kaplan. Compared to other schools, it tends to be a bit more expensive, but considering what you get with the cost of tuition, it is well worth the cost. For example, if you want solid access to an instructor to help when you need it, you cannot do better than this school. There are also physical locations so that if you want to study in a traditional classroom, you will have this option. Just make sure you check to see if your local area has a physical location since they are not everywhere.

The instructor quality is one of the best things that this school has to offer. They make it a point to only hire people who are highly experienced in the real estate market. You can interact with them via the live training sessions that they offer as well as send emails when you need to get help really quick. Overall, this is the best school in the state when it comes to the live training.

The fact that this school’s content is not very mobile-friendly is a bit of a drawback. You can use mobile devices, but it is possible that you will run into some issues since it needs to be updated. For example, you will need to do some zooming to see some of the content and it might take a bit to load compared to other online course content. However, if your goal is to use your computer to take the course, you will be able to get through all of the content with no issues.

Compared to other schools, this one states that their pass rates are very high. One additional nice feature is the potential to apply for tuition assistance if you are not able to pay the full cost of the tuition at once.

5. The CE Shop

The CE Shop

When you compare this school to many of the others in the state, it is among the most modern. However, what I consider the most important is that this school says that its pass rate is 90 percent. Very few other schools are able to compete with this pass rate. At the end of the day, all of the other features are great, but this is the biggest selling point in my opinion. This is because no matter what a school has to offer, if you cannot pass your licensure examination on the first try, it can be a waste of time and money. So, the impressive pass rate alone is why you should strongly consider this school to prepare for your licensure examination.

Now, this is not the only positive attribute of this school. If you want a mobile-friendly course, you should consider studying at this school. You can easily access all of the course content on your tablet or your smartphone.

It appears that this school updates their content on a regular basis. I am always a bit shocked when I learn that most of the schools do not put a lot of emphasis on updating their content regularly. When content is outdated, it can cause you to miss questions when you are sitting down and taking your licensure examination. However, you will never have an issue with this when it comes to this school because they ensure that they review and update the course on a regular basis so that the content is current and relevant to what you will need to know for your exam.

While on the subject of content, I also want to talk about the delivery methods. This school does it better than just about everything else. They use a good mixture of video and text. When it comes to the video content, you will find a lot of animations so that the content really starts to come to life since you can both listen to and visualize the information that you are learning.

Another great aspect of this school is the fact that the customer service is among the best in the industry. At this school, they do offer a guarantee for your money back. You can take advantage of this if you have not gotten more than halfway through the course within 30 days of getting started. If you meet these requirements, you are able to get a complete refund. You also have the option to reach out to customer service seven days a week whenever you have questions.

When it comes to this school, there is nothing bad that I can say about it. They are among the best schools that you can use to pursue your real estate education.

6. 360Training


This is another school that seems to update their content on a regular basis. However, they have been around since 2002, so they also have some longevity in the market. You can get your content in multiple formats so that you can learn in the way that is the easiest for you. There are some features that are interactive, as well as a variety of videos and text.

You can use chat, phone or email to talk to customer support seven days a week. This school also makes it possible to get into a virtual classroom and personalized instructor when you need it.

One of the elements of this school that I really liked is that they take the content and relate it to what you will experience in the real world when you are working as a real estate agent. This makes it much easier to understand all of the information and see how you will be using it. Another nice thing is that you will get examples of real-world experiences to help you learn along the way.

You will access supplemental materials too that you can use to enhance your learning. For example, you can take advantage of practice examinations and some things that aid you in improving your math skills.

While this course is not completely mobile-friendly, it is okay to use on a mobile device. However, if you plan on solely using a mobile device, you might want to reconsider using this course since it is much better on a computer.

Read a Wide Variety of School Reviews

Do not just use my list as the only schools to consider. Make sure that you look at a wide variety of them and pay close attention to the details. It is important to not just take all reviews at face value. Instead, you should read a wide variety of them so that you can come to your own conclusions. I want to wish you a lot of luck when you are pursuing your real estate education.

Online Georgia Real Estate Courses The Complete List

This list is a comprehensive list of Georgia real estate schools. Some offer online courses while others are only classroom.