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Highest Rated Online Alabama Real Estate Schools In 2022

Over the years, Alabama has experienced a wealth of change, but the state has yet to ever give up on its goals. When you look at this region in the US, the people will never give up and will continue to push forward. Because of this, all of the state’s industries and markets that comprise the infrastructure of the state are always continuing to push forward and grow as well. You will notice that the real estate market is following the same tune. Like many US states, Alabama knows that it is important to own property and land, and to do something important with it.

Because of all of these facts, there is no shortage of people who are looking to purchase property or invest in it in Alabama. You will also find a wealth of people looking to sell properties that they own to turn a profit. No matter the case, having a professional real estate agent to help with the process ensures that all of the complexities of real estate are met and that good deals can be made for all of the people involved. Compared to prior decades, it is now easier to get into a real estate career in the state of Alabama.

Top 3 Online Alabama Real Estate Schools

real estate express

Real Estate Express

OnCourse Learning



Kaplan Real Estate School

Pricing Best Mid to High Mid To High
States 30+ 25 25
Assistance Phone & Email Email Email
Tuition Help No Yes Yes
Course Format Mainly Text Mainly Text Mainly Text
Pass Guarantee Yes No No

A Challenging Career in Alabama Bring Equal Opportunities

It is certainly not easy working in the real estate industry. If this industry was simple, it would be a job that would be as common as working in fast food or retail. However, it is a business that is dynamic and complex, making it very similar to keeping up with all of the recent events that happen throughout the world. This is largely due to the fact that the market is always changing, and you have to be able to keep up with it to be successful. You must also have a strong sense for business and have excellent people skills. However, if you have what is necessary to be successful in this field, it can be extremely rewarding. Just keep in mind that you are not getting a fixed salary, and this is not a basic nine to five job. In essence, you are your own boss and how much you earn is dependent on how much effort you put into the industry and working your business.

First things first though. You must be certified in order to legally become and work as a real estate agent. Remember that there is a huge amount of money being transacted in this industry, as well as various legal documents. Because of this, you must have a license issued by the state to work in the field. When you have this license, it essentially proves that you meet the minimum qualifications so that consumers are confident in your abilities to pull off a legal and beneficial transaction.

It used to be more challenging to work in this industry. However, all you have to do now is attend one of the Alabama real estate schools online to meet all of the prelicensure hour requirements. The online schools are not much different than those that require you to attend in a traditional classroom. You will have full access to the necessary learning materials so that you can properly study to pass your licensure examination when you take it. Once you obtain your license, you will be allowed to start working under a broker. If you choose a school that is not online, you would need to start by contacting the different Alabama real estate schools and making sure that their classroom schedule works with all of the responsibilities that you currently have.

In the market right now, Alabama real estate schools often have both physical locations and an online option. When it comes to the various online Alabama real estate schools, it tends to be much simpler to attend to your studies since you will not have a strict classroom schedule that you need to adhere to. You are able to work through the coursework at times that are convenient for you, giving you a much better chance at learning everything needed to prepare for your state licensure examination.

If you have been considering going to one of the online Alabama real estate schools, there are many viable options that are available. We are creating this post to aid you in finding the highest rated Alabama real estate schools to help you to narrow down your options.

Online Alabama Real Estate Schools that Are Approved by the State

When you are thinking about pursuing your real estate education online, it is important that you focus on the highest rated Alabama real estate schools. To ensure that the online school is approved by the state, you can head to Google and quickly obtain this information. Always make sure that the school is state approved or else you may not be eligible to sit for your licensure examination. You should also be able to find this important information when you visit the school’s website or the state site that deals with licensure.

One of the better online schools that I feel is the very best, is Real Estate Express. They offer all of the materials that you need to study for the licensure examination in Alabama so that you are learning all of the relevant state-related information. They do provide you with all of the prelicensure hours that you need to meet the state requirements and be eligible to take your licensure examination.

Consider All of the Schools That Are Online and Approved

Another one of the better Alabama real estate schools is Mbition. This is due to it being an option no matter which of the states that you live in throughout the United States. Because of this, it is a valid option no matter where you live. Overall, since it has a great mobile platform, it is also a relatively convenient choice. If you are someone who rather learns on the go on a mobile device, you will not have to deal with any common interface issues like you do with some of the other Alabama real estate schools that are online.

One thing that makes this school an excellent choice is that it is not just limited to real estate salespeople. This is one of the Alabama real estate schools that offers a wealth of programs that you can choose from. For example, you can work toward becoming a realtor, but the school also provides courses for those who want to learn more about appraisals, becoming a broker and even things like enhancing your professional development. Due to all of this information, this is one of the Alabama real estate schools that we highly recommend.

Get the Necessary Results from Alabama Real Estate Schools

One of the Alabama real estate schools that continues to receive high ratings is Real Estate Express (read Real Estate Express Review here). Unlike Mbition, this one is not available in all US states, but it is an option in this state. It also happens to be a school that we highly recommend. There are several reasons why we consider this to be one of the strongest school options for those who want to study remotely.

With a success rate of 79 percent, this is a school that can really help you to pass your real estate licensure examination. This percentage refers to those who pass this test the first time that they take it. Compared to what you will see as the industry average, it is well above many other Alabama real estate schools. When you are looking for a school that is serious, this one should certainly be on the top of your list. Another good thing to know is that when you choose an advanced package, this is one of the Alabama real estate schools that provides a guarantee that you will not pay should you not pass your licensure examination on your first attempt. When a school offers this type of guarantee it shows that they are confident in their curriculum and how strong it is.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what school you opt to attend. For the most part, as long as you are willing to put in the effort, you have a strong chance at finding success. Remember that getting into the schools is not terribly difficult, but once it comes time to buckle up and study, your success is based on how hard you work.

Always make sure to examine the different programs before you take the time to pay and sign up for your prelicensure coursework. Read a variety of reviews and make sure to really dig into what the programs have to offer. Once you narrow down your choices, be sure to really compare them to determine which one is likely to do the best with preparing you for your licensure examination. Also, check out the various packages that are offered by these schools to get a complete look at how well they can prepare you for your test.

List Of All Real Estate Schools In Alabama (Online And Offline)