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How To Get A Real Estate License Online In Virginia

If you’re looking to get your online real estate license in Virginia, it can be a good choice and one that could make you a lot of money. Even if you have a full-time job or are a very busy parent you can still get your online real estate license in Virginia without getting in the way of your daily activities. The great thing is, getting an online real estate license in Virginia can now be done totally online allowing you the freedom to study when and wherever you want. This is especially important for those who have a very busy lifestyle.

How To Become A Licensed Real Estate Agent In Virginia

Step number one to obtain a real estate license in Virginia is that you will need to finish 60 hours of pre-licensing real estate education. This is required by the state of Virginia. In my opinion, Virginia’s best online real estate school is Real Estate Express. This program will allow you to complete the 60 hours of pre-licensing real estate education right in your own home. You can study when and how you want. You can easily sign up online and the Real Estate Express course will prepare you to take the Virginia real estate license exam.

Although Real Estate Express is my first choice for online Virginia real estate schools, below you will find the top three online real estate license schools in Virginia. This is to give you a choice if Real Estate Express is not for you.

1. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

Choosing the right online real estate school in Virginia may seem hard, but really, there are only a few good options. Going with a more established school like Real Estate Express is the best choice. Their program is one of the oldest and best real estate education courses you can find. No one else even comes close with the online real estate license training they put together.

Although the Real Estate Express course is mainly text-based, they do have more advanced features not offered by others such as:

  • Live Questions And Answers With Instructors – Ask questions of instructors and get help
  • Online Student Forums – Allows you to get help when you need it from student and instructors

The Real Estate Express course also works great on any mobile device.

Real Estate Express is affordable to anyone on any budget. They offer four different packages ranging in price from $169 to $435. This is very affordable for an online real estate education. Their lowest priced package called “The Basics” has everything you will need to receive your real estate license in Virginia. However, the more costly packages have added features that will help to ensure you pass your exam. They also include textbooks if you’re someone who likes to have a physical textbook when you study.

For more in-depth information about the Real Estate Express program, please read this comprehensive Real Estate Express review.

2. AceableAgent


This next course is called AceableAgent. It’s one of the newer online real estate schools that has been approved to offer courses in Virginia. Although they have been around for several years now, more recently they expanded into providing real estate education for Virginia.

Since this is a newer school, it truly is a bit more advanced. Their program has proven to be one of the most current online courses in the real estate education market. The whole course is very modern and kept up to date.

As an example, AceableAgent is currently one of the only online real estate schools in Virginia that has developed an app for tablets and mobile devices. Many of the other courses in the state of Virginia do have mobile-friendly websites, but don’t have a dedicated app. The app works much better on mobile-devices.

Below is a video to give you a walk-thru of some of their course content:

In regard to the content of the AceableAgent course, really it does have some of the best course content on the market. A lot of the online real estate schools in Virginia use mostly “text-based” pages. Some people do not like this. AceableAgent delivers their content in several different formats such as:

  • Video Teaching
  • Graphical Information
  • Animated Learning
  • Interactive Features

The AceableAgent online Virginia real estate course is $199 at the time of this writing which is a great price for an online real estate course in Virginia. They make it easy to sign up as they only offer one package. Everything is included in this one package which is nice. It makes signing up a very easy process.

You can learn more about AceableAgent here.

3. Mbition

OnCourse real estate license in Virginia

Here is another amazing online real estate course to get a real estate education in Virginia. Mbition has great prices and is typically one of the better priced courses on the market. It’s great for those who are on a tight budget. At the time of this writing, the price for the Mbition program ranges from $210 to $263.

Mbition has three different packages to choose from. Their basic package is called the Silver Solution, the next level is called Gold Solution, and their top package is called Platinum Solution.

This course actually is priced very well compared to other courses. Even though the price is good, Mbition has plenty of great features such as access to personal instructors, forums for students, and you can access the course on any mobile device.

Mbition also has other amazing tools such as their supplemental material. One example is they have a great math preparation program which is a cool tool to help people that need more help with the math required in real estate.

This is an educational organization committed to doing things the right way and offers training and courses in a number of industries. They have been around for many years so they know what it takes to produce top notch online training and online real estate courses.

Once you’re done with the pre-licensing education required by the state of Virginia, you can then set up a time to take the Virginia Real Estate Licensing Exam. You will want to do a lot of exam prep to make sure that you can pass the exam on the first try.

When you take a course like Real Estate Express or any of the three courses listed above, you get your 60 hours of pre-licensing training as well as Virginia real estate exam prep, final exam practice tests, as well as general practice exams. This will ensure that you’re ready to take the state exam to get your Virginia real estate license.

Other Things You Need To Do To Obtain Your Online Real Estate License In Virginia

Before you can apply for your real estate license in Virginia, you need to pass your Virginia real estate license exam, you will want to get your background checked and get fingerprinted. Getting fingerprinted is a requirement for all Virginia real estate agents. Many times fingerprinting can be done when you take your licensing test. After you have had your fingerprinting and background check completed, you can then apply to get a real estate license. Your application needs to be received within 45 calendar days of passing your state exam. Be sure it’s received by the Real Estate Board of Virginia.

How To Obtain A Real Estate License Even When You Have A Criminal Background

People often wonder if it’s possible for them to become a real estate professional in Virginia if they have committed a crime in the past. The answer is, it’s possible to get your real estate license in Virginia even if you have a past crime on your record but only if the crime committed was a misdemeanor and occurred more than 5 years before you took the license exam. However, if you committed a felony you may have issues and the application could get denied.

The Process For Online Real Estate Licensing In Virginia

It’s important as soon as possible after getting your background check and passing the state licensing exam that you apply for your real estate license. It’s easy to apply on the website of the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) and it all can be done online.

With today’s new technology, you can start to pursue your Virginia real estate license entirely online with no need to go to a traditional classroom. You can sign up and take online courses such as Real Estate Express and the others listed above to get your complete pre-licensing education. You can also take all of your exam preparation online. The fact is, you can even send your application to get your license online. You may only have to physically go to a location to get your board exam.

There are many places you take the Virginia real estate license exam and for most residents, there is a testing location that is close.

Here are a few of the locations for taking the licensing exam:

  • Charlottesville, VA Testing Center
  • Falls Church, VA Testing Center
  • Richmond, VA Testing Center
  • Roanoke, VA Testing Center
  • Tyson’s Corner, VA Testing Center
  • Virginia Beach, VA Testing Center

Taking A Classroom Based Course or Online Real Estate Course In Virginia

Compared to any classroom course, online real estate courses for real estate license approval in Virginia have come a long way. In fact, they’re just as good as any physical classroom based course. The benefit of using an online real estate license course in Virginia is that it gives you complete flexibility. You can take the course on your time schedule and at any location. You can take the course at home, sitting in a coffee shop, any place you have access to the internet. It really is so much more convenient. Then all you will need is a day when you can go and take the license exam and any of the many test center locations.

The other benefits of an online course is that you can do so much exam prep to get yourself ready to take the license exam. Most people who have taken an online course pass the exam on their first try.

By getting your real estate license education online, you will still be afforded the same opportunities to develop and start using the skills you learned just as if you took a classroom based course. After completion of any of the online courses listed above, you will be perfectly suited to help any of your clients locate a dream home. You will be able to feel confident that you received the education you needed to succeed in the real estate industry. Taking your course online will prepare you for the real world since the courses cover everything you need to know within the 60 hours of education. From familiarizing yourself with the Real Estate Board in Virginia to in-depth financial topics, you’ll be fully prepared once you have completed one of the online programs.

No matter if you’re a busy professional, a parent with very little time, or a full-time worker looking for career opportunities, taking an online real estate license course in Virginia is the best option. You can finish all of your training in your spare time without causing issues with your family or job. If you only have 30 minutes a day you can still get your real estate education.