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Top 6 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Florida For 2022

If you want to start a real estate career in Florida, you will want to find an online school that has been accredited by the Florida Real Estate Commission. There are over 100 different schools you could choose from, but I am going to break it down and reveal to you the 6 best online real estate schools in Florida that offer mandatory Florida real estate courses.

Most people simply want to know what’s the best choice. That’s why you’re here. The issue is that not everyone learns the same and a course that works for one person may not work for another. That’s why I have chosen 6 schools that will fit any learning style.

The list below has the six best online real estate schools in Florida. Each will work for any style of learner and will help you to get your real estate license in Florida.

1. Real Estate Express (#1 Choice For Online Real Estate Schools In Florida)

Price Range: $117 to $399

best online real estate schools in Florida

If you’re looking for the biggest online real estate school, then Real Estate Express is the best choice. They have helped more than 350,000 people get started as a real estate professional. This platform offers pre-licensing courses for more states than any other online real estate program. Real Estate Express does not offer classes offline but are one of the best choices for online real estate classes in Florida. (Read my review of Real Estate Express here)

At the time of this writing the Real Estate Express Florida real estate course had 572 reviews and a 4.01 out of 5 star rating. This is a very good rating but you must remember these reviews are coming from the company itself. That’s not to say they’re not accurate, but anytime a company publishes their own reviews you need to look a bit closer.

The Real Estate Express program has four packages you can choose from. These are:

  • The Basics
  • Exam Prep
  • Exam Preparation Plus
  • Ultimate Learning

Each package contains everything you will need to get the 63 hours of pre-licensing training required by the state. Each package offers a bit more as you increase the price. The best package overall is the Ultimate Learning package. It includes everything you will need plus exam prep, 90 day bootcamp, printed textbook, instructor question and answers, and even 1 year development membership. This is really the next choice if you’re serious about passing the real estate exam.

The Ultimate Learning package also has several video courses designed to help you learn how to close your first transaction within a 90 day period.

There is only one drawback with the Real Estate Express program, most of the course is text-based so it’s not as interactive as other online courses. However, it’s still a great course and the support offered is by far one of the best. It’s easy to get in contact with someone by phone whenever you have a question.

2. Mbition

Price Range: $129 to $199

online real estate schools in Florida

The Mbition is one of the older online learning platforms. However, they have recently become one of the more popular providers in real estate education. Their courses are now totally revamped, have a new sleek and modern look, and have an amazon amount of interactive content to make learning easier.

This program has three different programs that will help you to get your Florida real estate license. The Platinum package is the most expensive but it gives you the most bang for the buck. This package gives you everything you need to prepare you for the Florida real estate license exam.

The Silver package is the least expensive option but it only gives you the 63 hours pre-licensing course you will need to take the Florida real estate license exam.

Whatever package you choose, you have 6 months to complete the course. Most people can get the course done in just 2 to 3 weeks.

In Florida, after you take the 63 hours of mandatory pre-licensing classes, you must pass the Florida Sales Associate exam. Mbition provides you with exam preparation to help you study for the state’s Sales Associate exam if you choose either their Platinum or Gold packages. Both of these packages have the PrepXL activated and this tool has an adaptive learning technology that actually creates study materials based on your needs. The exam PrepXL tool changes questions based on the areas you need to focus in giving you a much better chance of passing the state exam.

To truly set yourself for success with this real estate course, it’s best to get the Platinum Solutions package. This offers everything you will need to get your pre-licensing education plus exam prep, hardcopy of textbooks, and even videos.

Mbition has quickly become one of the best in online real estate education. Unlike some online Florida real estate courses, they really focus on the needs of their students. If you’re busy and already have a full-time job, this is the perfect curriculum for you.

3. Aceable Agent

Price: $117

Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent is one of the newer online real estate schools and offers pre-licensing programs for only ten states at time. However, one of the states they do offer courses for is Florida.

I chose this as one of the better online real estate schools in Florida because it’s programs were developed by Harvard educated designers plus they’re approved by many top-producing real estate agents.

Unlike many real estate courses online, Aceable Agent makes this simple to sign up. They offer everything you need in one package. No need to upgrade or choose options. Their Florida real estate course has everything you will need to get the mandatory 63 hours the state requires. This can all be done from your computer or by using their mobile app. Studying is very easy with Aceable Agent and can be done anywhere. Just pull out your phone, open the app and study! Their Florida course also has activities and videos to help with learning. Some courses only offer typical multiple-choice quizzes.

As part of the Florida real estate program, you get access to practice testing. This enables you to study for the Florida real estate exam. These practice tests are supposed to simulate the actual test you will take when you take your license exam. Aceable Agent is so confident that you will pass your license exam that they offer their “Ace the Test Guarantee”. This means if you don’t pass you can get your money back.

This program does not come with hardcopy books because Aceable Agent is 100% an online course. If you need post licensing or exam prep courses, they don’t offer that yet. They only offer the pre-licensing real estate courses at this time.

Aceable Agent is perfect for those who like interactive learning. If you’re someone who is very technical or simply loves interactive learning, this will be the course for you. Unlike many online real estate schools, Aceable Agent makes learning fun.

4. 360training.com

Price Range: $79 to $145


If you’re looking for a budget based course, then 360training.com may be for you. It’s one of the lowest price options to get your pre-licensing real estate education for Florida.

The main thing you need to know about 360training.com is that they’re not specifically focused on real estate education courses. They have over 6,000 courses in many different subjects completely unrelated to real estate. Basically, they’re an online learning platform and real estate is just one of the course subjects available.

360training.com offers two course choices for their Florida pre-license program. They have a Basic package for $79 which offers everything you need to get your 63 hours of pre-licensing education required by the state of Florida. Their Premium package for $145 offers the same thing but with added extras like exam prep and real estate math.

The course is mainly text-based and it’s all online. They offer no hard-copy textbooks, there is no added study material, and they do not offer a money-back guarantee.

360training.com does offer a cancellation period of 72 hours from the date you sign up in which you can cancel and ask for a refund.

The 360training.com program may be for you if you’re just trying to save some money. They do not offer many extras but you will get the education you need required by the state. This is not my favorite course but, it can work for you but I would choose one of the better options I listed above.

5. AYPO (At Your Pace Online)

Price Range: $80 to $199

AYPO (At Your Pace Online)

The AYPO (At Your Pace Online) real estate courses have been around for about 6 years. They’re newer to the educational space. This is another educational platform that’s not geared specifically towards real estate but At Your Pace Online is a learning platform that 13 different industries that provide courses for.

This platform only offer pre-licensing education for five states on the time of this writing which include:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Oregon
  • Texas

AYPO (At Your Pace Online) real estate platform offers two course choices for their Florida pre-license program. They have an $80 package which offers everything you need to get your 63 hours of pre-licensing education required by the state of Florida. Their $199 package offers the same thing but with added practice exams and a pdf of the entire class training.

This is another program that offers very little study material or extras to help you with passing your real estate exam. The course is text-based and very little interactive material.

As 360training.com, the AYPO (At Your Pace Online) real estate courses are for the budget minded. If you’re looking to save some money this course will give you everything you need to get your 63 hours of pre-licensing education required by Florida.

This is not my first choice as the course does not offer enough support and support materials as other programs. I would only choose this program if money is an issue.

6. The CE Shop

Price Range: $129 to $279

The CE Shop

The CE Shop offers a real estate education curriculum that’s mainly text-based. That being said, they do have interactive learning material that can help you to retain what you have learned. Each section provides interactive videos that take what you have been learning.

Using an inquiry based model, the course starts with subjects you need to know and go from there. They also used interactive images and true false situations. On top of this, The CE Shop curriculum uses real life scenarios so you can learn what to do in situations that will actually happen in your daily work as a real estate professional.

The goal of The CE Shop is to not only teach you about real estate law but to teach you how to apply everything you learn in the real daily life of an agent. The goal is not only to pass your real estate exam but to succeed in your career as a real estate professional after that.

One thing I like about The CE Shop’s courses, they do seem to have a clean and modern interface. The courses look great on any mobile phone, tablet, or computer which allows you to study anywhere at any time.

The CE Shop does claim to have one of the highest stat exam pass rates in the industry. According to the TREC, they do have a 79.81% pass rate in the state of Texas which is higher than many other providers’ pass rates. (no pass rate data is provided for the state of Florida)

Overall, The CE Shop does provide a good real estate education and will help you prepare for the state exam and even help you learn things you will need to know after you’re done with the program.

It’s not my favorite choice, but if you like the type of learning this platform provides then this could be a good real estate course for you.

These are six good online real estate schools in Florida to get your real estate education and to help you pass the state exam. While this is my order of choices, the program you ultimately choose is up to you and how you like to learn.