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Best Online Real Estate School In 2022 (See The Top 3 Choices)

So, you made the decision to finally pursue your real estate license and are looking for the best online real estate school. You are now on your way to getting involved in a booming industry where you can establish a strong career. However, it is important to know that you do not have any time to waste. It is not easy to work toward getting your real estate license. Pursuing it requires a lot of studying, hours of training and a licensure examination that requires a lot of preparation for you to pass.

However, now is not the time to get ahead of ourselves. The first thing that you need to do is find the best online real estate school. This is precisely what I am wanting to help you do by writing this article. It is still important that you do your own research, but I have taken the time to do much of the hard work for you.

Figuring Out What Constitutes the Best Online Real Estate School

One truth to know is that there is not really any best online real estate school. It is unfortunate, but the majority of them get a lot of bad reviews online. Among the most common complaints are those associated with the coursework having either incorrect or outdated information. Should this occur, it could jeopardize your chances of doing well on your licensure examination. There is a chance that you might not even be able to pass the course if the information is wrong or outdated. Due to these factors, it can be a bit scary to start looking at your online real estate school options and trying to find the best one for you.

Licensure Examination Pass Rate:

One thing I did on my search to narrow down my options for the best online real estate school was to look at the licensure examination pass rate for students who took the course. For several online schools for real estate, you cannot easily find this information. However, some of them will post it right on the school’s website. Ultimately, the quality of the course is what matters the most and a high passing rate will tell you that the school’s curriculum is up to par. I personally feel much more confident in an online real estate school when they have above average passing rates. On average, the pass rate for most schools ranges from 50 to 75 percent.

Licensure Examination Passing Guarantee :

It is common to expect the best online real estate schools to offer you a money-back guarantee if you are unable to pass your licensure examination once you complete the course. I know I would expect this from every quality school. If I am spending dozens of hours (each state varies with the amount of pre-licensing coursework hours that they require) studying the material, undergoing intensive training and I am still unable to pass my examination, I feel that I should not have to pay the tuition fees. Many of the schools that offer online real estate classes do offer this type of guarantee. The top three schools that I recommend all have this type of guarantee. Just make sure that you read all of the guarantee’s terms and conditions since they can have some differences. For example, at some schools, if you go through more than half of the course and stop, you are not able to take advantage of this guarantee. Make sure that you look for this type of guarantee because any quality school will offer it since it means that they stand by their product.

Access to Instructors:

While you are studying to get prepared for your licensure examination, there are numerous topics that you have to learn that are boring, dry and highly detailed, such as memorizing a wide variety of rules, laws and regulations. There are going to be times when you are unable to understand some of the material and will need some help from someone. When this occurs, it is nice to be able to actually talk to someone who can walk you through the material and offer clarification. Some online real estate school options do not offer instructor support, especially from a personal instructor. However, the best online real estate schools will offer this, and I list these schools below.

Customer Reviews:

I spent a lot of time exploring the internet looking for all of the reviews that I could find for the different schools. To be honest, the information that I found disturbed me a bit. Very few of them were getting positive ratings. The majority of the reviews were complaints stating that the schools were terrible. When I first started looking into the different online real estate school options, I found this quite disheartening. There are not many schools that are very highly rated. However, completing the coursework online is the only option that some of us have, so it was very important to look at these reviews and make sure that I gave them serious consideration.

The Best Online Real Estate School Options

Before I list the options that are among the best online real estate schools, I need to give you some information about what you are getting into. You likely already know some of this, but I want to state again that the list of schools I will discuss will not be the most exciting and fun. There are no online schools that ensure an exciting curriculum due to the content. For the most part, these are some digital textbooks where you can take some quizzes to test your knowledge. Now that we got that out, here are my recommendations for the best online real estate schools.

1. Top Pick: Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

This is one of the most popular options around. I personally signed up for this online real estate school. There are some improvements that I think can be made, but overall, I was quite satisfied with the school. Now, let’s take a look at the different elements of these schools individually.

Student Pass Rate:

Of all of the schools that I explored, this one is at the top when it comes to pass rates. Approximately 79 percent of students pass their licensure examination on the first try and this is considerably higher than what is considered average in the industry. This alone made me feel very good about signing up with this school.

Pass Guarantee:

The higher packages that this school offers have this guarantee. On their website, they tell you that if you fail your licensure examination, all you have to do is send them the notice of failure within 30 days of you getting it. They will then take care of refunding you. It is important to note that regulations prevent this from being valid in Tennessee or Florida.

Personal Instructor Access:

One thing about this school that really makes them different from other online real estate school options is that you can call an instructor or email them when you need someone help. Most of the other schools only let you send emails to get help and clarifications. Another option is to join in on the weekly Q&A sessions where you can watch a live video where you can ask questions to your instructor.

Customer Reviews:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of negatives when it comes to this, according to many reviews that I read. It seems that many of these are from former students who did not pass their examination, but there are some that appear to be valid. The course is not very interactive, and some content is outdated. It is important to remember that most real estate schools that offer online courses have poor reviews in this area too. Despite this, I still signed up and was happy with the course.

2. Runner Up: Mbition

oncourse learning real estate

This is the second school that I recommend for online real estate school choices. It is also popular like the other two choices. While I think it is definitely one that you should look into, I also want to say I do have some small concerns.

Student Pass Rate:

The pass rate used to be one of my biggest things that I was concerned about with this school. However, this has changed. Compared to the other two schools on this list, it is relatively high at 74 percent. Since this is one thing that is the most important to me when exploring schools, this is a big positive now for this school.

Pass Guarantee:

This school does offer a pass guarantee, but it will not refund you the cost of tuition if you fail to pass your licensure examination. Instead, they will pay for you to take your real estate licensure examination a second time. While better than no guarantee at all, it is better than not having any guarantee.

Personal Instructor Access:

You do get a personal instructor with this school. However, you are only able to email them. It would be nice if they would offer students other ways to communicate with instructors.

Customer Reviews:

As is to best expected with schools that offer real estate classes online, the reviews are not excellent. It says that it has four stars out of five on the school’s website, but I cannot find where the school is getting this information. The research that I performed showed that their average is actually lower than this. However, this school is not unique in not having stellar customer reviews.

3. Final Choice: Kaplan Real Estate School

Kaplan Real Estate Education

This is probably the most popular online real estate school. They are among the first that opened their doors and they are also known for offering their classes in a traditional classroom. Here is what you need to know about that school.

Student Pass Rate:

The pass rate that this school has is above the industry average. It sits at about 74 percent. While they are slightly below real estate express with this pass rate, it is definitely comparable since it is so close. Since this is what I consider to be the most important when I am evaluating a real estate school, it automatically makes this one an excellent choice.

Pass Guarantee:

At this time, the school is not offering any type of guarantee to the students. While this school is viewed as a leader in the industry regarding real estate training and they are definitely a legitimate school, it would be nice if they would stand behind their product and offer this type of guarantee to students.

Personal Instructor Access:

While this school does allow you to send emails to get in touch with an instructor, you are not able to call them on the phone. I would really like to see this school offer this support option. However, it is not something that the school allows students to do at this time. There are different study group options and a variety of live training options that you can take advantage of. Still, it would be nice to be able to take advantage of phone support.

Customer Reviews:

Of all of the schools that I explored, the highest customer ratings are something that this school has. However, it is important to know that there are also some negative reviews that you will see when you are looking into this school. So, while their scores tend to be the best when it comes to reviews, the school does have some things that it can improve on. One of these is the outdated information that some former students have made complaints about.

Final Thoughts

I do think that all people should do thorough research on their own when they are looking for the best online real estate school. It is my hope, however, that all of the information that I have put here will help you when you are deciding which online real estate school is the best option for you. Are the schools listed here the only options that you have? No, they are not. However, I figured it was best to provide the three choices that I thought were the best for my own sanity and to give you a look at some of the top options.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like any one school goes above and beyond. The majority are very similar with quizzes per chapter and blocks of text that you need to read and learn. There are some online real estate schools that offer videos and other types of interactive content, but for the most part, this is not something that you are going to run into.

For the majority of us, we do not have a lot of choices. We either are not able to get our real estate license, or we have to pursue the coursework online. A classroom is likely the best option, but when you are busy, you are often not able to attend to a traditional classroom schedule. I am telling you right now, that when it comes to online real estate schools, there are no options that are better than the ones that I discussed here.

Best of luck to you as you work toward pursuing your career in real estate. Make sure to take the time to enjoy the challenge. Remember that you also want to thoroughly vet the schools so that you make the best choice for you.