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Best California Online Real Estate School (7 We Love In 2022)

I will not just provide you with a single review of one California online real estate school. Instead, I am going to provide you with reviews for seven different California online real estate schools. These are among the highest rated online real estate schools in California. When you complete these real estate courses, you will be eligible to take your real estate exam in California since all of these California online real estate schools are approved by the state.

When I was initially considering working toward my California real estate license, I soon realized that there are a wealth of online real estate schools in California, as well as many that offer in person classes to pursue your California real estate license. This news was something that I considered bad and good. It was a bad thing because I quickly knew that it would take a lot of time to find the best online real estate schools in California. On the other hand, it was good because it meant that I had numerous choices and that I would not have to adhere to a strict classroom schedule to take a real estate course and to get ready to take my California real estate license exam.

To make it easier for you to find the best school to prepare for your California real estate license exam, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the best online real estate courses in California. I really hope that this serves as a solid guide to aid you in finding a real estate course that best suits your needs. Just keep in mind that there is no single best California online real estate school. When you are working toward getting your real estate license online in California, there are several factors to consider, such as your personal learning style and which course provides curriculum that allows you to learn and retain the information the best.

I recommend that you look at all of the online real estate license course options that I have on my list. Compare and contrast them to determine which of these online real estate schools is the best for your needs. Here in this post, I am including detailed reviews so that it is easy to see what each of these online real estate schools have to offer you. In addition, you can compare these California online real estate schools to the others that are available to ensure that you conducted thorough research.

Now, let us start this list of what I consider the best California online real estate school options.

I performed extensive research before I chose a school to pursue my real estate license online. The following online real estate schools are those that I consider the ones with the highest quality. There are multiple factors that I considered to determine which schools were the best to pursue your real estate license online in California. Among the factors that I considered, they include the format of content delivery, reviews from people who attended the school and a variety of reviews I found online, student pass rates, customer support, how easy it is to use the curriculum and whether the course content is relevant and updated regularly.

1. Real Estate Express (#1 Choice For California Real Estate Schools)

Real Estate Express

When it comes to California online real estate schools, this online real estate school is probably the most popular option. In addition to this, it is also among the most cost-effective online real estate school choices. When you go to the website, you will find that they offer several education packages. You get to choose the level of detail and supplemental materials that you want from your course.

If you choose the basic package, you will be eligible to sit for your examination once you complete this online real estate course in California. However, it does not offer much more. If you want to do things like get exam preparation or a money back guarantee, you will need to choose a more advanced package offered by this online real estate school.

Personally, I picked the most advanced package because I wanted to make sure that I got everything possible from this online real estate course in California. This would help to ensure that I was as prepared as possible to pass my licensure examination. It was also important to me to have textbooks in my hand so that I was able to follow along and jot down some notes when I wanted to remember something.

Just like the other online real estate schools in California you get all three of the courses that you need to qualify to take your license examination. Each of them consists of 45 hours which is what the state requires to complete your prelicensure coursework. With the advanced courses, you get all of the basics plus additional materials to aid you in getting ready to take your licensure examination.

Some of the advanced packages allow you to attend training sessions that are live, and these are something that I really suggest that you do. With this option, there is a virtual classroom environment, which is something that many online real estate schools in California do not offer. Here you get to chat with instructors and ask questions where you can get answers right away. This is in addition to being able to send emails to instructors to get some help when you need it. There are also actual textbooks with the most advanced package offered by this online real estate school.

Also, at this online real estate school, the most advanced package offers professional development. You have access to this for one year once you are done with the program.

This online real estate school offers a guarantee for your money back if you take your licensure examination and do not pass it on the first try. You can take advantage of this option with every package option except the most basic one. Since this California online real estate school has a high pass rate that is generally higher than 70 percent, it is a good program. In fact, the pass rate exceeds those that are common among other online real estate schools in California. This was a major deciding factor when I chose this course and why I consider this one of the best California online real estate school options.

2. Mbition

OnCourse Learning

Mbition is the company behind this online real estate school. This is one of the best California online real estate school options since it has been around a while and has had time to develop a strong curriculum. Compared to other online real estate schools in California, I feel this program has some of the best organization of its course content. As you work through the program, it is easy to see all of the content that you already covered so that you always know where to pick up when you go back into the program. Overall, this is a very useful feature and one that is not offered by many other online real estate school options.

This online real estate school also has a wide variety of additional materials that you can use to study. In this category, I feel that this California online real estate school really takes the cake. For example, I have never been great when it comes to math and they have a special program that is focused on you improving your mathematical abilities. There are numerous supplements offered by this online real estate school and this is just a single example.

Compared to many other online real estate schools in California, this is one of the most interactive. Due to this fact, the retention rates are really excellent for this school, especially those whose curriculum is focused primarily on plain text. With you only getting text, it can be much harder to stay motivated to get through the material. At this online real estate school, you get a mixture of text, graphics, video content and other types of formats that keep things less dry when you are getting through the content.

Virtual classrooms are another reason this is one of the best California online real estate school options. Also, you can communicate with an instructor and use forums to make you feel more like you are in an interactive environment.

This online real estate school makes it possible to take a course at a time. Because of this, you can work at your own pace and pay as you go to make it easier to tackle the cost of tuition. Most other online real estate schools in California make you pay for a complete package before you are able to begin where this school makes this far more flexible.


3. The CE Shop

The CE Shop

This California online real estate school has won awards for its programs. They offer a wide range of education, but real estate is among their most popular option. At this school, the content and how it is delivered appears to be the most modern. For example, if you want to use mobile devices to study, you cannot go wrong with this school.

This online real estate school says that their pass rate is 91 percent, this is information that I am not able to confirm. However, if it is accurate, it is likely the highest pass rate among all schools in California. They do have a money-back guarantee, so this does show that they want to see you succeed once you sit down to take your examination.

This California online real estate school sets itself apart from others since it uses a lot of real-world scenarios throughout the course content. Because of this, you can see exactly how what you are learning will work when you are working in the industry. The content makes you make real-life decisions so that the content is as relatable as possible.

You also get a variety of supplemental materials that are very helpful with this program. For example, there are things like math handbooks and other materials that you are able to download and use as you need them. This is all in addition to the materials that you receive to get through the course content.

What is really nice about this school is that there is no risk to try the course. You get five days to check it out and if it does not work for you, you do not have to continue with the content. Should you like it, simply pay the fee and finish all of the course content. I do not think there are any other programs in California that offer this type of ability.

So, this is a mobile-friendly course. It also has a very modern feel and the content itself is quite solid. Because of this, I recommend it highly as an option to prepare for your licensure examination.

4. Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education

If you have been looking for an online real estate school, this is one that you have certainly already heard about. The school is well-known, and all 50 states have physical locations that are available. Because of this, you can opt to pursue the content online or head into a physical classroom should you prefer that type of learning experience.

This school and the Brightwood that it is associated with have been providing education before the internet was even a thing. This shows you that they have extensive experience and a long-standing reputation when it comes to helping people to learn and develop professionally.

Compared to other online real estate school options, this one tends to be a bit more pricey. However, when you look at everything that you get, it is easy to see that it is worth the expense. For example, the instructors are among the best in the industry. Many of them are published in the market and have names that people know.

Compared to other courses, you will notice that their basic package tends to be more involved. This means that you are getting more from the basic package than you would at any other school. Should you opt for a more advanced package, you get even more, such as live virtual classes and a variety of videos.

The pass rate at this school is high, being more than 80 percent. This means that once you complete all of the coursework, you have a very strong chance of passing your licensure examination the first time that you take it.

I found that this course is a little more outdated compared to some of the other schools. You also may experience issues if you want to learn on a mobile device. However, you cannot do better when it comes to the quality of the instructors and the student pass rate.

5. Allied Real Estate School

Allied Real Estate School

It has been more than 25 years since this school opened its doors and started offering courses. I personally feel that this school should take the time to update their course content. However, despite this, it is among the most popular options, so I wanted to provide a review on it for you.

The pass rate at this school is quite low, but there is a guarantee that I like that they offer. When you take your examination, should you not pass, you can get a refund. Now, you need to have a premium package to qualify for this, but if you do, the refund is 110 percent of what you paid, so this is definitely a very positive thing.

This school offers some flexibility in how you take your coursework. You can choose to take a course at a time so that you have full control over how long it takes and how you pay for your courses. Should you not be able to afford the full course at once, this option helps to prevent you from having to wait to get started. There are also supplemental learning aids that you can take advantage of at this school. For example, you can get a more advanced package and get things like extra exam preparation and flashcards.

While this is not my top choice for a school you will learn everything that you need to know to pass your licensure examination. It is also a popular option throughout the state.

6. Rockwell Institute

best California online real estate school

This is one of the best California online real estate school options for students that want to quickly transition in a serious and professional real estate career. It was in 1974 that the school opened their doors, so they have a lot of experience and longevity in the industry.

One thing students tend to dislike about various online real estate school options is that the content can be boring and largely text-based. With this type of content, it is easy to not be able to maintain your focus on the information that you are studying. Because of this, this online real estate school wanted to do something different so that it is easier to work through the content. With their curriculum, you get access to various visual aids that help to bring the curriculum to life.

Everything needed to succeed with your license exam is offered by this California online real estate school. This includes the basic course content and materials to things like tools to get you prepared to take your examination. Should you have any issues or questions as you go along, you can reach out to customer service and get a prompt reply. This school ensures that they have experts in real estate on staff to help with curriculum-related questions and issues. Since some parts of the course are tougher than others this is a very helpful element offered by this online real estate school.

This school allows you to choose between different learning packages. If you are on a budget or just want the basics, you can pick the least complex package. You still get everything needed to meet your prelicensure requirements. Should you want things like a fully online course and a cram course, you can choose the package that is just above this one.

This California online real estate school also offers a guarantee regarding passing your licensure examination. As long as you meet the minimum scores on your practice examinations, you will be eligible for this should you fail your licensure examination. They give you back the licensure exam fee if you fail.

7. OnlineEd


It was 1998 when this school started to offer its courses. You can pursue your real estate education at this school or choose from a variety of other courses. What is really nice about this school is that you can easily work through your coursework online at this school. It is easy to swap out devices and not lose your place with the course content. While there is not an app that you can download, you can login on mobile and use the browser on your phone to work through everything.

There are various package options that you can choose from and compared to other schools, this one is relatively inexpensive. If you are not able to pay for the full course at once you can pay as you go. This makes it easier to afford to pursue your real estate license. Just be sure that you know that you do save money when you pay for a package as opposed to individual courses.

Overall, the course content keeps it basic. You will learn what you need to take your test and most of what you study is text. However, following every section, you can take quizzes to ensure that you learned all of the material. If you want more than just the basics, you can choose a more advanced package.

Overall, you will get the education that you need when you attend this school. If you want payment options and want to ensure that you have an instructor to aid you as you go, this school is a viable option for you.

Is It Better to Pursue Your Course in a Classroom or Online?

Ultimately, the way you pursue your education is up to you and will depend on the type of learning environment that you prefer. While classrooms work well for some people, taking all of your education online is becoming a more popular option, especially in California. When you choose this option, you are able to get through the coursework on your own time, allowing for people with a tough schedule to still work toward becoming a real estate agent.

When it comes to physical classrooms, you have constant access to your instructor face to face. You also get more interaction with your fellow students.

However, when it comes to a classroom, it is much harder to deal with the strict schedule if you have a lot of responsibilities. With an online environment, it is much easier to work around everything so that you can study at times that are convenient for you.

The only thing that you have to do now is determine which of the schools is best for you. Make sure to compare what the schools have to offer and consider your needs.