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Allied Schools Review (Updated For 2022)

UPDATE: Real Estate Express acquired Allied Schools. This means that they are now using the same platform as Real Estate Express and the coursework is now the same.

Allied Real Estate Schools has been one of the industry leaders for a long time when it comes to aiding aspiring real estate agents in getting their license. This review is mostly focused on the program that you will go through if you are trying to become a real estate agent in California. However, even if you are from a different state, you can still use this review of Allied Real Estate Schools to get a good sense for what the program has to offer since all states use the same format. Here we will provide you with a comprehensive review that will allow you to determine if this is the right school for you once you are finished reading it.

Allied Schools Pricing


When you go to the Allied School’s website, you will find that there are three different education packages to choose from. You will receive all of the needed hours that California requires to be eligible to sit for your real estate licensure examination. This school also provides you with some practice tests so that you are able to better prepare to take your test.

If you opt for the two premium package options, there are some extra study materials that you can use to get prepared for the licensure examination. If you do choose a premium option, there is also a money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of if you do not pass your licensure examination when you take it. With the Premium Plus package, you are provided with hard-copy books that you can use as you work your way through the coursework.

The package that you choose is up to you. The Premium Plus is the most comprehensive package and gives you a wealth of resources to aid you in getting prepared for the licensure examination. This is the package that I chose, so it is the one that will get the most focus as I write this review for Allied Schools.

The Courses

Once you get enrolled in the program, you are sent all of your login instructions via email so that you are able to access your online account. Since you have full access to everything online, you are able to immediately get started with your course. There are three real estate courses that Allied Schools provides students in California. You will also receive a real estate dictionary, practice tests and streaming videos to help you to further prepare for the licensure examination.

This school uses a rather straightforward layout for all of their online courses. On the left side of the screen is a navigation pane that allows you to access the different elements. This is collapsible so that you can move it out of the way when you are not using it.

You will use PDFs to get all of the information. These can be downloaded onto your computer or you can just read them directly online. If you get the hard-copy books, the information in these is the same as what you get in the PDFs.

There are no deadlines or schedules to adhere to when you choose this school. Once you are registered for the course, you get a full year of access that is unlimited to learn and work through all of the material. One thing to know is that due to a California requirement, you are not able to take the final exam until 18 days after you register.

Format of the Allied Schools Courses

There are 15 chapters in each of the courses. For every chapter in the courses, you get access to a multiple-choice quiz that you can choose to take or not. Taking this quiz is a good idea because it will help you to determine how well you learned the coursework in a specific chapter. Should you not get an answer correct, you are provided with an explanation and the correct answer.

You will take final exams for the courses and these use the same format as the quizzes. However, you must score at least 70 percent, they are not optional, you get three hours to complete them and they consist of 100 questions each. One benefit to the finals for the courses is that you can use your books so that you can ensure that you achieve at least 70 percent to pass the examination.

Hard-Copy Books

Allied Schools provides three hard-copy books to everyone who chooses the Premium Plus package. These will come via postal mail so that you can physically have access to them. On average, you should expect one to three days for delivery. Each book has an average of 500 to 600 pages. They are designed well, have plenty of diagrams and photos and the font is easy to read.

Exam Preparation

This part of the review explores the exam preparation materials that come with the Premium packages. You can write inside the Exam Cram workbook, allowing you to keep your notes and thoughts all in one place. You will use this workbook to follow along as you are working on the streaming videos that come with the packages. The school also provides you with hundreds of flashcards that are color coded and a real estate dictionary to help you to further prepare for the examination.

Exam Cram Videos

You will use your account to stream these videos and there is a total of 11 hours of them. An instructor talks on the videos and essentially takes you through all of the different sections that you will run into when you are taking your licensure examination. This element helps you almost feel like you are being taught by an instructor in a physical classroom environment.

It is important to note that as soon as you open these videos, you only get access to them for about 90 days. Because of this, do not start using this until you are fully prepared to take advantage of them and prepare for your licensure examination.

Super Prep Practice Examinations

These examinations are made up of over 1,500 test questions that are similar to the ones that you will see when you take your licensure examination. For this section, you can choose between Mock Exams and Practice Tests.

If you choose the Practice Tests, there are 12 different subjects that you can get some questions from. The program also allows you to determine how many questions you want to work on. There are hints throughout as you are taking the practice tests.

You will get one question at a time. The correct answer is provided for you right away if you do get an answer wrong. It is also possible to print the questions out if you rather work on them offline.

Mock Exams is your other option. You get three hours to answer 150 questions. These exams are modeled after the licensure examination. Once you complete one, you get information about your success in each category and a score summary.

This essentially allows you to review the areas that you are having a hard time with so that you can invest more time studying those topics.

Once you open up the section with practice tests, you get a full year of access. However, every 90 days you must contact the school to regain access. There are no additional costs associated with this.

Bottom Line

Overall, I was very happy with my experience with the Premium Plus package. It initially appears a bit outdated, but the content is solid and there are plenty of features that make it easy to learn the material. I would recommend this program to everyone who is motivated to learn independently to prepare for their real estate licensure examination.


  • Freedom to study your own way
  • No proctoring required
  • Optional hard-copy books
  • Money back guarantee
  • No hidden fees


  • It is a bit pricier compared to similar programs
  • Live instructor support is limited
  • The software user interface could use an update