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Aceable Agent vs Real Estate Express (Updated For 2022)

When it comes to looking for training schools for real estate, it is important to check out reviews and learn the background of each of the schools. This makes it possible to do a fair comparison between the top options that are available. Here, in this Aceable Agent vs Real Estate Express review, we will give you a rundown on these two schools for real estate that have a high student census each year in Texas, as well as the other states that the schools are approved in.

Aceable Agent is one of the options that has a strong reputation when compared to other schools for real estate. Checking out Aceable Agent reviews will give you some insight into what the school has to offer. Real Estate Express is another top option. You should also explore Real Estate Express reviews to see what real students have to say about their time at this school.

For me, I chose Real Estate Express. They have been around much longer and they offer courses for 34 states. Far more than Aceable Agent.

Reviews for Aceable Agent

Reviews for Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent is typically viewed as relatively traditional when it comes to online schools for real estate. However, it is also important to note that this school uses a modernized curriculum and Aceable Agent utilizes a blended learning process.

For example, at Aceable Agent, you can take contract workshops where you can get actual hands-on experience learning about the different contracts that you will use as a real estate agent. Students are able to learn via an interactive model that uses a variety of resources, including video content. This school will aid you in preparing for what real estate is really like in a variety of states, such as New York, Texas and California.

Aceable Agent also has a reputation for being a real estate school that is very flexible. It is very convenient to schedule and many students report that their customer service is excellent. Via customer service, you have an array of options to get support when you need it. On top of all of this, in the state of Texas, Aceable Agent boasts a 90 percent pass rate.

One student on Facebook reports that the content is easy to follow and well-written. She said that it is also easy to remember the information based on how it is presented.

Another student states that Aceable Agent is the best class for real estate that she has found. She says that the curriculum is engaging so that you do not get bored as you are going through the coursework. She says that in the text, they include jokes and your name to keep you engaged with what you are learning.

In addition to these additions to the school’s curriculum to keep things fun and engaging, there is proctoring and a variety of resources that help to make things easier to understand as you are getting through the content.

Another reviewer states that the material is well written, clever and educational. She says that she would definitely recommend Aceable Agent due to how much she loves the coursework.

Reviews for Real Estate Express

Reviews for Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is often liked by people because of the responsiveness of the staff. Several students have talked about this aspect of the school. They further state that they like the course and the content that you have to work through to get your hours.

One student states that while discipline and motivation are needed to do well with Real Estate Express, the school makes it easy to stay engaged in the coursework. She says that once you get through the quizzes and course hours, you are prepared to sit for your real estate examination. The student states that Real Estate Express allows you to stay on topic in class, they offer phone support when you need it and they make it easy to pass your real estate examination on the first try.

While Real Estate Express may not have the number of reviews that Aceable Agent does, in my opinion it’s a great course to get you prepared to take your real estate examination.

From my own perspective, I think Real Estate Express has several advantages over Aceable Agent. First, Real Estate Express offers classes in 34 states. No other online real estate course offers this many states. Second, the support you receive from staff is better than any other course. Whenever I needed help, they were just a phone call away and answered very quickly.

Evaluating the Different Course Formats

When you are evaluating how good an online school is, you want to make sure that you compare the formats that they use to deliver the curriculum.

It is very important to choose the right format because this will have a major impact on your ability to learn the material.

When you are given a large PDF with all of the information, it is common to get frustrated, especially if you are needing to use a mobile device to access all of the information instead of a computer.

This is due to the difficulty associated with finding a specific element of the curriculum, doing research or looking for various resources.

Many students have talked about how Aceable Agent ensures that there are both searchable and multiple formats so that students are able to learn effectively and efficiently no matter which type of device that they are using. Time is valuable, especially when it comes to training for your real estate examination online. Students are not able to scan through lengthy PDF documents while learning effectively.

One student wrote on the Facebook page for Aceable Agent that the software is impressive compared to a variety of other online courses.

He states that it is not fun to memorize everything that you need to know to take your licensure examination or other course exams. However, Aceable Agent is the first place to create something that makes it easy to move around throughout the course content. The student says that the format that the school uses is attractive and simple. You are able to smoothly work your way through the coursework so that you can continue to progress and get yourself prepared to take your licensure examination.

Another format that is important for learning online is video. Some students prefer to listen to video content when they are doing other things so that they can multitask while still learning everything that is needed to pass their licensure exam. For example, Aceable Agent offers pre-licensure videos to help students to learn the necessary material.

Real Estate Express and Aceable Agent: Real Estate Markets by State

Part of what you need to consider when you are evaluating schools is to see what they have to offer when it comes to specific real estate markets in different states.

For example, Texas is a major market and it has numerous major cities that you can choose from to work in when you are finished with your coursework and have your real estate license. This state also boasts various markets with high home values, allowing you to earn more money when you are working in the real estate market.

Texas A&M Real Estate Center did some research to provide an explanation regarding how the different markets in the state are able to coexist and compare. The research also shows how the state goes about regulation and accreditation.

You also can look at the $3 trillion economy in California. Both Real Estate Express and Aceable Agent allows students to prepare to work in any of the markets in this state. The same is true for various markets throughout the state of New York, including New York city and all of its boroughs.

When it comes to working in real estate and getting the needed training, context is something that you must consider very highly. This refers to the context in which state regulation lies because you will be starting in a local market and you need to know how all of this works.

This is why these schools provide so much value to the students who attend them. The instruction and curriculum are not just about the general laws and principles associated with real estate. You are also learning about a variety of state-specific issues and realities that you will face when you are working in specific areas. This helps you to be better prepared for work once you finish your coursework and obtain your real estate license.

Working on Real Estate Strategic Knowledge that is Broad Based

Both of the schools have curriculum that allows you to learn about real estate training fundamental philosophies that allow you to develop a professional acumen and effective real estate strategy. The majority of professionals who are working in real estate are working for independent clients. They are helping people to find homes and sell those that they are moving out of.

When you look at it from this context, there are numerous procedures that are important for people who are new to real estate to know. When you are licensed at the state level, the most basic information is something that is very important to know. However, you also have to consider the documentation, such as:

  • Title research
  • Deed transfers
  • Contingencies
    Seller disclosure
  • Sales agreement
  • Land survey
  • Right-of-ways and easements

The real estate documentation that you work with will help you with a wide variety of issues that you might encounter when you are working in the industry.

Part of the reason the industry is so complex is due to the legal processes that you will encounter when you are working. This is especially true when you have to break it down based on state, federal and local laws.

For example, both schools start advising students on things that they will need to know, such as eminent domain, trust activity, mineral rights and property liens that you might see when you are working in the industry. When you choose Aceable Agent or another good real estate school, you are prepared beyond what you can expect with the average deal. They make sure that should your knowledge be challenged that you can rise to it and take care of business. In a way, you can think about working in real estate as essentially being a type of problem solver.

Throughout any part of the selling and buying process, issues can occur that you will need to handle. As a professional, it is your job to make sure that you can solve problems for your clients. For example, if property damage is found during a home inspection, you will need to help the seller and the buyer get through this part of the process.

You also have to ensure that you are an effective communicator. As you work on a deal, you are essentially a middle man that has to ensure that all of the involved parties are always on the same page and in agreement with everything that is happening during the process.

When you are working in real estate, you have to be able to anticipate different issues and challenges that can occur. Should an issue happen, you need to be able to present it in a clear manner to all of the involved parties. In addition, you will need to find solutions quickly and be able to present these as well.

When you are looking for a good school, make sure that they are good at communicating. This will make sure that you know exactly what you are getting into. It will also make the curriculum far simpler to digest when you are working on it. Consider schools that offer both online and in-class learning so that you can choose the format that is the best for you. Flexible scheduling is another thing that you want to ensure that the school provides for you. Also, the school should have a passion for teaching because this will make it easier to learn.

Why Knowing the Neighborhoods is a Valuable Thing for Schools to Know

When you are evaluating schools, especially those that are online, you want to ensure that the instructors and curriculum are familiar with the neighborhoods in the state that you are working to become a real estate agent in. You must know the local markets when you are working in this industry if you want to be successful.

The school that you choose must be familiar with the local markets and the conditions regarding the real estate market in different states. They must also know of any state-specific laws and issues that you will need to know when you are working in the industry.

Think about the state of Texas and how many different major markets are in the state. You want a school that can break these down and tell you what you need to know based on instructor experience and market conditions. This will help to ensure that you know what you are going to face when you start to work in the industry.

California and New York Markets

New York has smaller markets and one big market. You can look at the major landmarks throughout the state to get more information about attraction and property value. When you are taking courses in real estate, these are some of the things that are going to make being a real estate agent in New York far different than working in Texas.

California has multiple large markets and a massive economy. You will find a variety of markets, from mountain markets to coastal markets throughout the state.

This shows you that all states are different. Because of this, you must be able to learn about the state that you want to be licensed in, as well as all of the unique markets that are in this state.

Many schools are focused on helping you to learn about the state in which you hope to be licensed. Training is becoming more localized than ever before due to this. This is a good thing because it helps to ensure that you have a strong chance at success once you start to work in the market after you get your license.

Schools that take this approach also tend to have a better reputation, especially in the local communities that they are serving because the communities know that they are doing everything right to train aspiring real estate agents that are local.

It is important to remember that sellers and buyers are often unfamiliar with the markets that they are in. This is why they turn to real estate agents. As a professional agent, it is your job to help them to navigate the market and get a deal that they are happy with. You are the expert in the real estate scenario. As the professional and expert, you are also the person guiding the process and helping your clients to understand the local market enough to be happy with what they get.

You will have to know different professionals that deal with real estate in your area too. For example, you should know people like inspectors and appraisers so that you are working as a team with people who you can trust.

Another thing you must know when you are working in real estate are things that are specific to your area. For example, if you work in Kansas, tornadoes are a concern. In Florida, you will need to know about hurricanes and the damage that they are capable of. Your knowledge should include the unintended effects of such devastating storms.

One journalist talked about the Houston Real Estate Market and the effect that Hurricane Harvey had on it. He said that for home buyers, the hurricane was a good thing because it made homes less expensive to purchase or invest it. During the remainder of the year following this event, it was recommended that those wanting to invest in the market do so then before 2018 began and the market was expected to grow and bounce back from the impact of the hurricane.

This is just a single example regarding why you need to know the local market and the various things that can affect it. You can look at other states and find unique situations that you might experience in each of them. When you understand the local market’s intricacies, it is far easier to make the best decisions even when you are new to working in the industry.

Evaluating Neighborhoods

You must know what is happening in the neighborhoods that you are working in. This will help you to guide your clients and make the best decisions regarding your career. Real estate schools must also take this into consideration so that they can educate students on the markets that they will be working in.

Head to the school that you are interested in and ask questions pertaining to this. This will help you to determine if they can aid you in learning about local markets or if they are taking a generic approach to teaching you about real estate. Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express tend to take local information seriously and this is a good thing.

Real Estate Training Checklist

Here are some other ways to evaluate Aceable Agent and any other real estate school that you are interested in:

Good Feedback

You want to make sure that other people were happy with their experience at the school. Check out reviews and feedback to get the gist regarding what other students experienced. Make sure to consider the following:

  • Classroom experience
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Core content
  • Online support
  • Format and accessibility

Teaching to the Test

It is important that former students were prepared for their licensure examination once they finished the course. Check out the school’s pass rate and look for reviews that talk about how well the coursework prepared people to take their licensure examination.

Show and Tell Lessons

You want to ensure that the school that you choose is transparent regarding how they educate. Look for a tour of the program or school before you sign up to get this information.

Final Thoughts And Recommendation

As I said above, I chose to go with the Real Estate Express course because it’s been around longer and offers pre-license courses for 34 states at the time of this writing. It’s by far the better option for most people.