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360Training Real Estate Review For 2022

In this article, we provide you with a detailed 360Training real estate review along with details about the pricing and the courses that are included.

360Training is sometimes touted as a leader for vocational training that you can complete online. Throughout the world, they state that over three million students have signed up for a 360Training real estate course, or another course that they offer.

It was in Austin, Texas in 1997 when this company was founded and began offering different online courses. Today, you can take advantage of 360Training real estate training in 11 different US states, including California, Georgia, Montana, Oregon, Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, New York, Texas and Washington.

360Training offers different courses to fulfill the pre-licensure requirements for aspiring real estate agents in these states. You can also find classes associated with other real estate training and re-licensing requirements.

360Training real estate training is just one of numerous courses that you can take through this online school. For employees and general students, this school offers over 6,000 different courses in a variety of areas, such as health, insurance and environmental protection.

The fact that the school offers group discounts, has a pretty low enrollment rate and that they offer occasional promotions make them a popular choice for those who want to prepare to take their real estate licensure examination. For some employers, they can obtain wholesale courses that allow them to further train their employees while also getting a discount on the training that they are offering them. Depending on which state you are in, this school may have some additional real estate package functions.

Is 360Training Real Estate Training Worth It?


This part of this 360Training real estate review explores more in-depth information about the course and what it has to offer.

How Does Real Estate Operate?

The goal of this school is to use a method that integrates content, technology and service to help professionals to track and manage their careers. This is accomplished by allowing them to attend the classes that they need to meet their personal goals or go further in their current job.

The school states that they are currently collaborating with over 1,500 different e-learning partners that have worked with more than three million students throughout the world. They also state that their e-learning technology is the most comprehensive.

Key Features of 360Training Real Estate Training

Exam Preparation:

The training features simulated examinations that you can take advantage of. They include both international and national questions that you are expected to know the answer to.

All of the simulated questions are put into their own sections so that you can focus on different topic areas at one time. With the correct answers, you receive explanations so that you can further your learning and ensure that you understand why certain answers are the right one.

Professional Study Guides and Certified Instructors:

The 360Training real estate classes that you take include study guides that are authored by those who are professionals in the real estate market. You also get access to experienced professionals in this industry.

With the support that you receive from 360Training real estate, it is far easier to understand exactly what you are learning.

Course for Mathematics:

When it comes to real estate, there are some specific types of math that you need to know for your licensure examination and when you are working in the field. 360Training real estate training provides you with this information so that you can learn it as part of your prelicensure course.

Customer Communication:

Some of the school’s more advanced courses will help students to learn what is needed to best communicate with the clients that they are serving. These courses can aid you in learning how to communicate clearly so that misunderstandings do not occur when you are working with your clients.

Chat and Phone Support is 24/7:

If you have questions about examinations, the course material or the course in general, it is easy to get help. You can chat live with someone who can help you or you can opt to talk to them on the phone, depending on which of these options is preferable to you.

Quality of the Course

This company is committed to ensuring that all of the education they provide is both straightforward and complete. They believe that once you are ready to take your licensure examination that you will have learned all of the relevant material so that you are ready to pass it on your first try.

Why Are Low Valuations Common Among Online Real Estate Prelicensure Courses?

If you have read a 360Training real estate review, or reviews for any other real estate school, one thing that you will notice is that it is not uncommon for bad reviews to pop up. It is not uncommon to get frustrated and disappointed when you are researching schools and you run into this issue. When you only take online reviews into consideration, it is easy to think that all schools are just bad and that you should not take your prelicensure coursework online, but this is not true.

While plenty of the negative reviews certainly have a valid basis, many of them are not. Because of this, you have to essentially learn how to vet the reviews so that you know which ones accurately reflect the quality of the program.

Why I Think 360Training Real Estate is a Good Option

I tried out several different online courses, but I found the content offered by 360Training to be at the top of the list. I often hear a lot about the courses, and I will review the complaints that I see most often when it comes to them.

The Equipment is Outdated:

I was a bit surprised when I learned that a lot of the online real estate courses provide information and learning materials that are outdated. This can make it more difficult to pass your licensure examination when you take it.

I honestly do not know how schools are even allowed to offer outdated information when they have to be certified by the states they are offering their coursework in. However, it appears to be a relatively common problem.

It is believed that one of the biggest contributors to outdated information is how long some of these courses have been available. Some have existed for 10 to 15 years and seem to just not have reviewed and updated their coursework during that time.

This is something that you should expect to run into when you are working to get your real estate education online. I used the Real Estate Express course to pursue my education to get my real estate licensure. While there were a few bits of outdated information, it was not as bad as some of the reviews had stated.

Bad Lessons:

When it comes to learning what you need to know to take your licensure examination, it is not fun. There are a lot of rules, regulations and laws regarding real estate that you just have to know. It would benefit 360Training real estate and other schools to ensure that the learning materials are interactive as this would make it easier for students to learn. Many of these courses have not taken advantage of advances in technology over the years, but they should all consider this.

No Access to Live Training:

Real Estate Express does have live training once a week. They offer a live session and the majority of this is only to ask a few questions and get answers live from an instructor.

Another school that does offer live courses is Kaplan. It is relatively rare for schools to offer live instructor classes, but if this is important to you, there are some options out there.

Poor Customer Service:

Right after I completed the registration process at Real Estate Express, I received a message welcoming me to the school from a personal trainer. When I needed help as I was working through my program, it was very easy to contact support. One thing I liked about this school was that you could call your trainer when you needed to get some help with the course. There are no extra fees associated with this service.

Poor Device Compatibility:

A lot of the real estate courses that are offered online either interact poorly with mobile devices or there is no compatibility at all. With my iPhone, it was only Real Estate Express that worked really well. While optimization could improve, it still worked fairly well. There is just no compatibility for many other courses.

Low Approval Rates:

It is not uncommon for real estate courses that are offered online to have a low approval rate from current and former students. Now, many people just cannot cut it since the material is difficult and they choose to blame the school instead of themselves. A lot of students do not pass their licensure examination following the completion of their course. Because of this, the average success rate in the US is only about 65 percent.

While there are poor schools out there, it is not only the schools that are to blame for this. As I conducted the research for this article, these are the reasons that I came across the most. Positive comments appear to be limited when it comes to real estate schools online, but this does not mean that all of the negative reviews are accurate either.

Why 360Training Real Estate is a Viable Choice

This element of this 360Training real estate review is largely focused on this program and its positive attributes. The courses that aid you in preparing for your examination is helpful for many reasons, including:

  • When you are enrolled in these types of classes, you are able to practice the information that you learned so that you can be ready for the test
  • There are many interactive features with the examination preparation, helping you to analyze your answers, solve problems and learn to answer harder questions
  • The simulation activities and tests allow you to determine how much of the information that you understand
  • When you go through the 360Training real estate program, it allows you to prepare for the examination on both the state and national levels, giving you the best chance at passing on the first attempt and doing well as you start your career

Why You Should Consider the AgentCampus.com Revision Course

There is a team of professionals in real estate that will aid you in finding the course that is right for you.

The courses that you can take at home for examination preparation are convenient, focused on your career, affordable and comprehensive.

You only need internet access to use the courses, allowing you to do them at the times and places that are the most convenient for you. As you work through the coursework, you can evaluate your progress via the tests that are available to you.

While you work to build your knowledge, you can start to increase your self-esteem and your trust in yourself to do well in the industry.

Why 360Training Real Estate is One of the Better Courses

The people who rate this company positively state that the online courses are ones that are very easy to follow and that they are informative. Others state that the instructors are good and beneficial, and that the courses are easy to use.

One person who left a review on TrustPilot stated that all of the case studies he was presented were accurate. He also added that the course content was comprehensive. This student stated that it was easy for him to determine if he was understanding the coursework properly or not.

Highest Performance Rating:

Of all of the courses that I looked into this school’s coursework had the highest ratings. It is not uncommon to see approval ratings that are at 50 percent or lower. However, this school’s real estate course has a 68 percent approval rating, making it one of the higher ones in the industry.

Mobile Compatibility:

This school has mobile functionality. When I signed up to take my prelicensure coursework, this was the only school that allowed you to access the coursework via mobile. I was able to access everything using my iPhone. It is important to me to have the ability to learn via mobile, so this functionality was a big factor in my decision to choose this course.


The majority of real estate online courses are approximately the same price, and this is also true for this school. They offer multiple packages and I chose one of the ones that had a higher price. I did this because you get a lot of extras with the higher-priced course package options.

It was important to me to have a hard-copy book in front of me when I was learning. This allows me to take notes when I am working through the material.

Interactive Education:

It is not easy to attend a strict class schedule to tackle all of your prelicensure hours. Most people have other jobs, kids and additional responsibilities that make it hard to stick to a traditional classroom education. When you can take all of your prelicensure coursework hours online, it makes it far more convenient to meet the state’s requirements while still being able to attend to your normal responsibilities.

The program offered by this school has both electives and required coursework that you must successfully complete before you can apply to take your licensure examination in your state.

As you work through the program, you are introduced to a wide array of topics, such as sales, real estate transactions, codes of conduct, marketing, negotiation, legal regulations, principles and more.

All of the coursework and associated materials are organized in a way that makes students feel comfortable when they are working throughout. In addition to all of the pre-licensure coursework, you can use this school for license renewals and continuing education so that it functions as a one stop shop for your real estate career needs.

Refund Policy:

There is no cancellation policy or refund policy offered by this school. Prior to enrolling in a course, you should ask about any potential refunds. There are certain courses offered by this school that have different policies, so it is important that you read the fine print associated with the exact program that you are interested in using.

Customer Service:

There is a phone number that you can call if you have any questions or concerns that a customer service agent would be able to assist you with. To get more information about contacting customer service, the website has a contact page that you can take advantage of.


When you are reading reviews, it appears that a lot of the former students were not happy with the experience they had with 360Training. Technology issues are a common reason for students to complain. People were saying that they almost were not able to fulfill their course requirements in a timely manner due to the technology issues that they experienced with this website.

Other people said that there was outdated information in their coursework. They feel that due to this, the education that they received was subpar and did not adequately prepare them to develop the knowledge needed to take their licensure examination.

When you are considering a specific course from this school, it is important that you look up the reviews that pertain to that specific course. Some of the courses have a better reputation than others and using this technique always makes it possible to get a better look at a specific course.

Passing Your Real Estate Examination

Many states use PSI real estate valuations to see if an applicant is qualified to obtain a real estate license. Here I will talk more about this topic so that you have a better chance of being qualified and passing your licensure examination on your first attempt.

Understand Your State Examination’s Content

As your state’s regulations and property laws are assessed, you must know which ones are necessary to learn to do well on your examination. The same is true when it comes to national information and other general topics associated with real estate. You can look at the guides for each state to get this information. This is located on the PSI website.

Check Out the Course Materials

All of the states have different requirements concerning what brokers and sales agents must do before they are eligible to sit for the licensure examination. This is generally meeting the hour’s requirements for prelicensure coursework.

You can attend an online school to get your prelicensure hours as long as they are approved by the state. When a course is approved, the content has been evaluated to ensure that it is sufficient to aid you in passing your licensure examination. Check out the outline of courses and how many hours you get with each when you are checking out a school. All of this will help you to determine if it is going to be a viable and approved option for you.

Use a Practice Test

If you go online to the PSI Learning Academy, there are some practice tests available that you can take. There are some practical examinations that you can purchase to get even more practice taking examinations that will be similar to what you take when you are pursuing your license.

When you finish one of the practical examinations, you get a report that will show you which answers were right. For every right answer, you also get an explanation regarding why it was right for further learning. Use the practice tests so that you can see which of the course topics you need to review more and which ones you are already proficient in.

While other websites are not approved by PSI, there are numerous options for finding different practice tests and questions for your real estate licensure examination. You can use these to supplement your learning and to get access to other questions as you are studying.

Explore the School’s Study Resources

Multiple vendors offer a wide range of examination preparation resources for aspiring real estate agents. In fact, a lot of the schools that offer prelicensure coursework also offer examination preparation courses and materials. You can use the online options to engage in self-learning so that you can better prepare to take your test.

360Training Course for Real Estate

Through this school, you are able to access your course anywhere and at any time as long as you have access to the internet. There are various self-assessments and tests that you can use throughout the course to determine how well you are learning the information. There are resources, such as short videos, that provide lessons to aid you in getting through the test’s national section.

There are multiple teaching topics that you will explore, including:

  • Owner of the property
  • Land use and regulation
  • Transfer of real estate
  • Contracts
  • Property valuation
  • Disclosure rules
  • Closing and settlement procedures
  • Real estate company
  • Print resources
  • Links
  • Description of surveys and countries
  • Consumer protection and fair living
  • Agencies
  • Investment and analysis
  • Financing
  • Leasing and property management
  • Ethics and professionalism

Getting Registered at 360Training

This school makes it very easy to get registered and the process is very straightforward. It will only take you about two minutes from start to finish.

All you have to do is input the necessary information, make your payment and agree to the school’s conditions and terms. This is it. Overall, I found it very easy and much easier compared to the processes used by other schools.

About a day after completing the registration process, I was assigned an instructor and he emailed me. Basically, he told me who he was and how I could get into contact with him if I needed some help. The introduction email also provided some information about how the course was now immediately available to me and what I needed to do to login to the course.

There are live training sessions offered weekly by this school and I view this as a major benefit. However, you will have to make yourself available to them and they are always the same day and time every week. If your schedule cannot accommodate these sessions, you will not be able to take advantage of them. The school does not record them and make them available to students at a later date. Should you take advantage of these sessions, be aware that they are mostly in a question and answer format.


  • Instead of reducing the tuition rates, the school offers discounts on a regular basis
  • You can take advantage of the free trial to determine if this school is the right one for you prior to committing to a course and paying for it
  • Seven days a week the customer service department is open. You also have several ways that you can reach them to get help
  • All of the course materials are online and easy to access as you work through the coursework
  • You can take any of the examinations throughout your course several times. Just be aware that you will get new and different questions every time
  • Some students believe that this school really prepared them for their licensure examination due to the high level of difficulty of the practice examinations that you take as you go throughout the course

Why I Personally Recommend 360Training

The teaching methods at this school are very diverse, making it an ideal option for those of a multitude of learning styles. You can also find a real estate course package that meets your schedule, needs and budget.

For example, if it is important to you to have some flexibility, it is easy to find a course that is offered completely online. You can also choose between things like text-based content or video content, depending on your preferences. This school also has 50 training locations in the US that you can choose to attend personally if this is something that you prefer.

The school offers excellent examination preparation tools. You can take practice examinations to see where you stand and to get an idea about how well you might do when you sit down to take your licensure examination. Hundreds of questions are available in the interactive test bank.

The bigger the package you choose, the more you get to prepare for your examination, such as more tests, lectures and student diagnostics. Once you finish the practice tests, you can go in right away and see how you did and get explanations for the right answers.

On the school’s website, you can explore all of the different packages that are available. Once you compare them, it is easy to determine which one is the right option for you.

Pricing Policy

The prices vary based on the state that you are in. For example, since Alabama requires far fewer prelicensure hours than Texas, the packages available for Alabama tend to be less expensive than those available for Texas.

360Training Real Estate FAQs

What Does 360Training Stand For?

It stands for professional development

Does the School Offer Discounts?

They do offer discounts on occasion. When these are available, you can take advantage of them via the use of a promo code that is usually listed on the website.

How Do You Register for a Course?

Through the website, just fill out the required information and pay the necessary tuition fees.

Can You Take Courses for Real Estate Via the Internet?

Yes, you can prepare for multiple careers in real estate using online courses.

360Training Real Estate Conclusion

This school appears to be a good option for those who are busy, have a limited budget and want to pursue a career in real estate. The program is a good option for students who are able to study and learn independently. At this school, the tuition rates are competitive so that you are not paying considerably more than you would at another school.


  • Discounts for all of the courses
  • With the tests, there are no limits on how many times you can attempt them
    The website is easy to navigate
  • You can get special treatment if you do not follow a strict schedule
  • You can find all of the course materials online, so there are no extra fees for books
  • It is completely legal and safe
  • Free trial class
  • You can access customer support seven days a week
  • There are audio courses
  • The modules and courses are flexible


  • The prices can be high
  • Improvements could be made to the live training